Shelby SuperCars Wants Bugatti Veyron’s Speed Record

SSC Ultimate Aero

It’s like a high-speed-car version of Rocky against The Russian.

The independent underdog versus the muscle-bound king of the world.

It’s Bugatti versus SSC. These two supercar makers have been going back and forth, exchanging the world record for fastest production car since 2005. That’s when Bugatti set the record with the original Veyron, which clocked 253.8 miles per hour.

Two years later, independent automaker Shelby SuperCars (oddly enough, no relation to Carroll Shelby) came along with the Ultimate Aero and edged out the Veyron with a 256.1-mph run.

Just recently, Bugatti smashed SCC’s mark with the new Veyron Super Sport at 267.8 miles per hour.

We’ve had an eye out watching for SSC’s response, fairly certain the company wouldn’t sit around and let Bugatti rest easy with its new trophy.

The first evidence of activity came in the form of a statement reported by Jalopnik, which said,

We would sincerely like to congratulate Bugatti. When the Ultimate Aero broke the record in 2007, we knew it was just a matter of time before it was broken by someone else.

The statement goes on to tease that SSC is hard at work on a challenger to bring the trophy back to its rightful home in the United States:

[W]e’ve been working on a new project to debut before the end of the summer. Not much can be said at this time except that we’ll be upping the ante on all fronts. Having famed American designer Jason Castriota as our lead design enables SSC to reflect its engineer and performance in its aesthetics. It’s impossible for us to be more thrilled about having him on board and we’re anxious to show the world what we have up our sleeve.

Castriota has been involved with Bertone and Pininfarina, so he certainly has the chops to influence an SSC record attempt. Whether this new project is a refreshed version of the Ultimate Aero or an entirely new model remains to be seen, but we’ll know soon enough, and you can bet another world record attempt won’t be far behind.

To you and me, it really doesn’t matter which car holds the record for world’s fastest. You have to admit, though, it’s pretty dang fun to watch them duke it out! Agree?


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