Caring Too Much—and Too Little—for Your Car

Gurcharn Sahota at work

Two stories we found illustrate the sometimes ridiculous extremes of car care. TopGear reports on one Gurcharn Sahota (above) who, operating out of his parents’ garage in the U.K., charges up to £7,200 ($11,000) to wash, clean and detail the highest of high-end machines.

He claims it takes up to 250 hours to do a single car—with the most expensive waxes and “cutting-edge” equipment. And he’s getting customers.

Said one TopGear commenter: “I would have to backend a manure truck in a Veyron before wasting so much [money].” Well, we are glad to know that one-man entrepreneurship is still thriving at the highest levels. The guy was apparently trained as an accountant.

Most car owners are far less compulsive. LeftLane tells of a British study reporting that “more than half [56 percent] of all women [compared to 44 percent of all men] go at least six months between washing their cars.”

Woman washing carFive percent of women (4 percent of men) never wash their cars; 34 percent of both sexes wash inside and out every six months. The study comes from Autoquake, “the UK’s largest online used car retailer,” and seems to document what yours truly already has confirmed: Men generally take better care of their cars than women, and many women will admit to this.

Look inside your lady’s car and check out its condition. Ask when she last washed it. I had a friend whose PT Cruiser contained leaves, old papers and trash, empty CD jewel boxes and other unmentionable items. Riding in this car was like entering a time capsule of where she had been in the last six months.

Women don’t know how to park cars as well, either. See another U.K. study here, showing that women were slower and less accurate in three kinds of parking tests than men, again confirming more male prejudice.

And finally, in yet another U.K. study (why are all these sexist studies coming out of Britain?), one out of three men claims to be frightened when his partner is at the wheel. You know, pushing your feet into the firewall, that kind of thing. “Men’s biggest complaints were that women are too easily distracted by children, scenery or other motorists.”

The problem is that women don’t think cars. They mostly don’t understand them. And they are not objects of desire; for women, they are objects of function. Well, all of us need to treat our objects of function with more respect, not excepting the ladies. A good website, which we recommend, is directed especially to women’s needs.

When was the last time you washed your car?


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  1. i will admit, i have not washed my car in a good long time. I would like some tips on car washing though. When I do wash my car, it is with a fine tooth comb, everything gets done.

  2. when was the last time I washed my car? About 2 weeks ago, and the black paint on it is already showing water spots again (I even went so far as to hand dry it with a towel to avoid such spots, but they decided to show up again after it rained. Not nearly as much as before I washed, but they still came back)

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