Shoot the Gap! New Advertisement for 2011 Volkswagen Jetta Pulled

VW Autobahn

If lawyers had a sense of humor, the world would be a much more entertaining place to live.

Instead, anyone with a legal degree and a corporate job seems intent on obliterating all bits of humor from the planet. The latest example is a funny advertisement Volkswagen America made to promote the new 2011 Jetta. It’s called “Shoot the Gap,” and goes something like this:

A young couple is test-driving the Jetta as a salesman discusses the car’s attributes, saying the car is “built for the Autobahn.” The guy driving blows off the comment by saying he and his wife are both conservative drivers, at which point little-miss-conservative in the back seat begins bouncing up and down, screaming, “Shoot the gap!”

The driver proceeds to step on the gas and accelerate though a pack of slow-moving semi trucks before an air of calmness again descends on the vehicle’s occupants, and they discuss mundane things like scheduled maintenance. The ad is funny and communicates attractive selling points, both elements that should lead to success.

Check out the vid:

The problem is, apparently some law-degree-toting know-it-all and a few Facebook crybabies decided the ad wasn’t just an ad, but an instructional driving video. So instead of broadcasting the ad across America’s airwaves and risking offending a person or two, Volkswagen censored itself by pulling it.

Yes, we all know recklessly accelerating between semi trucks at highway speeds isn’t a safe maneuver. We also know ducks don’t sell insurance and sock puppets don’t drive Sorentos, but that doesn’t stop Aflac and Kia from having some fun with their TV ads.

Advertising is built on catching attention in innovative, funny and sometimes shocking ways. That certainly applies to the auto industry, and it’s a sad testament to the state of American affairs that a company can be influenced by a small group of humorless nitwits who lack the mental capacity to discern humor from reality.

Which would you rather watch: an ad emphasizing a car’s sensible interior and practical economy, or a cute young woman excitedly telling her husband to “Shoot the gap!”? I’ll take shooting the gap every time, and I hope VW comes up with an equally funny and irreverent ad to replace it.


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  1. Humorless nitwits? I find humor in the fact that idiots like you think that something so moronic is funny. It just goes to show how ignorant and senseless people are today.
    Thank God it was pulled! When you are involved in the trucking industry, spend all of your time in a semi, transport everyone’s crap accross America for them, etc. then you might have something to say about this.
    Whether you like it or not, this type of thing happens more than you might think. To be more realistic, that car and it’s passengers should have looked something like creamed corn mixed with ketchup smeared on the road. And of course, the truck drivers would pinned with the fines, jail, and whatnot – all at the expense of some impatient imbecile in a car. Not funny to me, my family, or anyone I know in the transportation business. An 80,000 pound tractor/trailer combination cannot stop on a dime, so I don’t think I’m being a crybaby by looking out for my spouse while he’s on the road, and trying to keep him safe of easily influenced, brain rotted people like you.
    If you have it, a truck brought it. Grow a pair and show some respect..

  2. they pulled this ad? Wow, what’s next, someone suing/getting offended at Geico over their new ad – “does a former drill sergeant make a terrible therapist?”

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