Pagani Zonda HH: Holy Happiness!

Pagani Zonda HH

The Pagani Zonda R was supposed to be the last of the line, a 739-horsepower beast that would propel Zonda into the sunset at 233 miles per hour before getting replaced by the gull-winged C9.

Just 15 copies of the Zonda R were made available at a mind-numbing $1.8 million each.

Apparently that’s not quite exclusive enough for some super-rich guy (I’m guessing with the initials HH), who convinced Pagani to build one final copy of its outgoing supercar: the Zonda HH.

Who is this mystery buyer, and what are the specs of the car? Read on!

Pagani Zonda HH top viewThe truth is no one has any idea who the HH buyer is, or if those letters are even initials. That was just a guess and could just as easily mean Holy Hell or Ha Ha, You Don’t Get One. My gut tells me the final Zonda’s name is a clue to the buyer, and we’ll take your guesses in the comment section. But first, the juicy details on this most super of supercars:

It takes the best parts of the Zonda F roadster and Zonda Cinque, then combines them into one perfect final masterpiece. A 680-horsepower Mercedes AMG-sourced V12 should shuttle the car to 62-mph in around 3 seconds. Also included are a a carbon-fiber tub, titanium exhaust, carbon ceramic brakes, a lavish interior, a proper manual gearbox and a beautiful Monterey Blue finish. It’s stunning, and it’s the only one Pagani will ever make (assuming no one else steps up with a cool $2 million).

Now, about that HH: Is this Hugh Hefner’s new ride? Or maybe Hank Hill made a few million selling propane and propane accessories? Less likely is His Holiness, but you never know, I suppose.

What do you think of the Zonda HH, and what does its name mean?


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  1. I know he couldn’t be the owner but maybe they named it after Howard Hughes; this car is totally up is alley. If he were around today he would own this car.

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