Top 5 Car Videos of the Week

Cadillac CTS vs. Mustang

I always loved Fridays in the office, because typically the level of distraction from actual work was at a peak.

If you’re like me, reading about cars is the second most effective way to distract yourself from the constant duties of work, on Fridays or otherwise. The only thing better? Watching videos about cars.

That’s why we take the time to compile the week’s most entertaining, funny, and sometimes disturbing car-related videos for your viewing pleasure.

All kinds of treats fill this week’s list, from a car that flips to an all-out drag race between two American super-coupes.


Bouncing lowrider goes shiny-side down

I’ve never fully understood the whole car-bouncing culture, but I admit seeing this monstrosity of a car get flattened increases my desire to see more.

Cadillac CTS-V Coupe vs Ford Shelby GT 500

Two powerful American coupes, built basically across the street from one another, go head to head in a Road & Track drag race. (Hint: The ugly one wins.)

Honda/Acura NSX tribute

The Honda/Acura NSX supercar was produced between 1990 and 2005. The producers of this video treat it like dead royalty, complete with serious classical music and a forlorn female narrator. Get past that and it’s worth watching, if just for the stunning aerial shots of the Nurburgring.

Top Gear drives the Ferrari 458 Italia

Top Gear has finally gotten its hands on a Ferrari 458 Italia. So what does Jeremy Clarkson think about the latest supercar from Italy? Better yet, how does The Stig handle its performance? All your questions are answered in the following video.

Woman steals police car from a couple buffoons

I have the utmost respect for our men and women in blue, but this video makes a couple of Kentucky’s finest look like they’re acting in a Mel Brooks comedy.

Please feel free to share links to your favorite recent car videos!


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  1. How is it that Ferrari can make such a great car and stuff all the controls up,not having a speedo is illegal any where Ive ever had a car roadworthy inspection. The Caddy despite its looks was never going to be beaten by a mustang even in a straight line throw a few nasty corners in an that Holden/vauxhall/Chev/Ponti/Cad would disappear into the distance.

  2. 1. I am thrilled that the Cad beat the Mustang. (Or shouldn’t I say that publicly?)
    2. I could not watch more than 2 minutes of the NSX video, being overcome with utter nausea.
    3. Clarkson is great on the 458’s controls and instruments–the only real flaw in what may be the world’s most perfect sports car.

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