Preview: Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance

“The Pebble Beach Concours is the best. It’s the one that can give a car a pedigree. God forbid I should ever have to sell one of my cars, but winning your class, or even coming in second or third there, gives your car a pedigree that no other show can approach.”

That quote, from Jay Leno, is listed on the event’s website and certainly sums up the most prestigious car show in the United States.

This year’s show will take place over the weekend, and it will feature some of the rarest classic automobiles on the planet, but also include new-car debuts and appearances by some of the most modern exotics.

Keep reading for a preview of the event, and stay tuned Sunday night for a recap and list of the winners!

1929 Packard Runabout

1929 Packard Runabout hood ornament

Historic cars scheduled to be shown include a 1929 Packard Runabout, a 1903 Mercedes-Benz Simplex, and a 1933 Delage D8S Roadster.

Cars will be judged in 27 different categories, with specific designations this year for Alfa Romeo, Pierce-Arrow, and Jaguar.

On the modern-car side, Infiniti will officially reveal its Infiniti Performance Line at Pebble Beach with its IPL G Coupe. While not quite on par with BMW’s M series or Mercedes-Benz’s AMG cars, IPL will offer upgraded performance over Infiniti’s base models.

To properly celebrate its 75th anniversary, Jaguar will debut its latest special edition car in Pebble Beach, the XKR-175. Along with a custom interior and Ultimate Black paint job, the car will get a revised aerodynamic package that increases top speed over the standard XKR‘s from 155 to 174 mph. As the name implies, only 175 copies will be made, and they will each sell for $104,500.

No world-class car show would be complete without Ferrari, and the Italian supercar maker will have an impressive showing in California. The killer 458 Italia will be on hand, along with a smattering of classic Prancing Horses.

Stay tuned for the update on Sunday night!

If you had the opportunity, would you attend the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance?


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