Gold-Plated Cars and Other Monstrosities

A friend sent me a set of photos awhile back of a Mercedes SLR coupe (above) that was supposedly covered in white gold. The text also claimed the car was powered by a 1,600-hp V10 quad turbo running on biofuel that would get the car from 0-100 kmh in less than 2 seconds. And pigs can fly.

The car caused some comment on the Web, as in this forum, which points up that it’s probably foil-wrapped, that the color is wrong for white gold, and that there’s no way any such engine, even if it existed, would fit under the slim hood. Other sites said the car was chromed, and it was shot at the Mall of the Emirates in Abu Dhabi.

Who can even imagine the excesses of bad automotive taste that exist in the world of the wealthy? Who would dream of gold-plating a Smart, much less a Rolls Phantom Drophead? One Russian nut covered his 911 (996) Cabriolet in 40 pounds of 22-carat gold. We’ll show you this gross miscarriage of opulence, and others, after the break.

Gold-plated Porsche 911Russians and oil sheiks seem to be prime customers for the plating and foiling shops that perpetrate these crimes. One of the best-known is the German firm Foilacar. Check out their website, which has a gallery of glamour that you won’t believe.

Camoflage FerrariI have got to say that some of their machines actually look good, the ones in wild colors especially. The camouflage Ferrari 599 is another matter.

Below is the Smart we mentioned earlier. The U.S. has not been immune to this madness. Somebody wrapped a DeLorean; someone else put a gold one
on display in a Texas bank.

Gold SmartThe whole crazy fad was encouraged with the Bugatti Veyron Pur Sang’s appearance in 2008. The car’s body panels were polished aluminum and carbon fiber, kind of interesting. Foilacar has a chromed version on its website index page, which is just garish.

One can find $500,000 custom gold choppers in Seattle, gold VW Bugs in Bucharest, and a hand-painted gold Bentley in Japan.

Gold chopperThere is indeed no end to human craziness.

What makes people want to display their wealth this way? Share your opinion in a comment.


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