This Pruck Is One Automotive Atrocity

Prius-Baja combo

I can think of many, many things that are better when combined. Chocolate and peanut butter. Metallica music and road trips. Boats and bikinis.

Some things, while just fine on their own, simply aren’t meant for one another. In that category I place ice cream and tuna fish, texting and driving, and now, Bajas and Priuses (Priusii?).

I don’t think any logical and somewhat rational person would never look at a Toyota Prius and a Subaru Baja sitting side by side and think, “Hmm…I wonder how those would look if they were combined…”

Well, lo and behold, when a Prius with a wrecked rear end and a Baja with a wrecked front end showed up at a parts company called Auto Be Yours in Indiana, destiny intervened, and the two became one… one really messed-up example of auto art gone atrociously awry. Oh, and this “Pruck,” as it is appropriately named, is available for you to purchase for around $25K.

Hurry, I’m sure it won’t last.

Follow the jump for more pictures (and proof that the Pruck can hit the track!)

Have you ever seen anything uglier?


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  1. our newest pruck was posted by jeff foxworthy on facebook today…it has 15700 likes in under 9 hours…and it is waaay uglier than this black one

  2. that has GOT to be the ugliest vehicle I’ve ever seen. Ever. Whoever at Auto Be Yours had the bright idea that combining these 2 cars would produce something good is a complete idiot. This is really a Frankenstein among cars

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