Ugliest Cars of the Summer

Cooper Countryman

In honor of Labor Day, generally celebrated as the end of summer with parades and barbecues, here is a batch of recent vehicles that, we think, deserve to be paraded and roasted. We showed you another group last summer, but these are even more grotesque.

First off is the MINI Countryman, above, about which we once had good things to say. Looking at it again, which is hard to do, the car illustrates about every aspect of bad design you could think of: bulbous nose, out-of-proportion double grille, too-small wheels, rear and side windows out of whack, etc. We really love those Union-Jack rearview mirrors.

You’ll have to wait until February to buy the Countryman in the U.S. In the U.K., mid-September base price will be £22,030, or over $34,000 US. Ouch.

Mini Concept Coupe

Now, building on this foolishness, BMW-MINI is reported to be designing a two-door “sporting coupé” based on the Countryman and rivaling the Range Rover Evoque—which it indeed resembles somewhat.

We don’t ordinarily use watermarked photos, but cheers to Autocar for its rendering of what the new beast will possibly look like. The sloping roofline resembles the skull of a Neanderthal, doesn’t it?

CLR 500 RS2

From Russia comes this desecration of a 2011 BMW 535i, called the CLR 500 RS2. It appears they forgot to finish the carbon-fiber hood. The car also sports “extensive use” of carbon fiber inside. Why do people think carbon fiber is so cool to look at?

Explorer and Durango

For me, it’s a toss-up as to which of these SUVs is homelier—the new Ford Explorer or the Dodge Durango. The Explorer is trying to ape the new Range Rover, and the Durango seems to enjoy a certain 1980s look.

2010 Scion xB

We can’t omit the svelte Scion xB, which as one reviewer said, “appeals to people who want to be hip, young, and cutting-edge.” What he didn’t say is that the Scion xB is none of these things. It could be put in a time capsule exemplifying the ability of car designers to debase good taste.

2010 Lincoln MKTFinally, though we’ve complained about them before, the 2010 Lincoln cars are like somebody’s bad dream. Imagine this MKT bearing down on you in the middle of the night—and grinning.

Okay, let us know which of these wins your bad-design prize. And have a happy Labor Day!


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  1. Yep that Lincoln is putrid and its meant to be a luxury brand. Ford again has taken the ugly stick to a reasonably attractive Ford Territory and produced the Explorer why? BMW is responsible for the incredibly ugly X series the MINI is just a scaled down mess along the same lines.

  2. Yeah, any Lincoln with that grille wins the ugly contest. Even over Acura’s grille, which I didn’t think could be beat. They look front-heavy, like the front end is going to fall to the ground leaving the rear end hanging in the air. Hopefully Ford takes the money it saves from dumping Mercury and redesigns the Lincoln line!

  3. The Lincoln is the winner (loser?) hands down-I saw one yesterday on the freeway, couldnt decide what was uglier, the front , the side or the rear-Horrible design! Can you imagine one of these Lincolns parked by one of the 2011 Honda Odyessys?? yikes

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