2011 Shelby Super Snake and 2012 Hennessey VelociRaptor: Customized Greatness


On one hand, Ford’s 2011 Shelby GT500 is a 550-hp turbocharged superbeast capable of ripping the tread from its tires while roaring down a drag strip. There has never been a more worthy Mustang to sport the cobra emblems.

On the other hand, it’s a fine car, but with a lousy 550 horses, how could anyone possibly have any fun with it? I mean, if you’re going to build a snake, you might as well make it super, right?

Enter Carroll Shelby and his offer to turn your boring and ordinary run-of-the-mill GT500 into an 800-hp Super Snake.

If you’re more of a truck person, it doesn’t get any badder than the 2012 Hennessey VelociRaptor, which takes a “standard” Ford F-150 Raptor, turns it into an SUV, supercharges it, and then adds some armor for good measure. The best part? If you’ve got the cash, you can buy one.

Follow the jump for specs (and prices) for both tweaked-out Fords!

In addition to brute force, the Super Snake improves handling with dynamic adjustable dampers, lowering springs, tuned anti-roll bars, a front strut tower brace, and 20-inch wheels wrapped in grippy rubber.

Power is available in three levels: a 660-horsepower/590-lb-ft Shelby/Ford Racing supercharger kit, a Shelby/Ford Racing or Shelby/Kenne Bell 750-horsepower supercharger kit, and an optional tune for the Shelby/Kenne Bell supercharger that delivers 800 horsepower. Racing fuel not required!

A unique fiberglass hood, Borla exhaust, a short-throw shifter, vented/cross-drilled rotors, Super Snake badging, and an optional two-tone leather interior round out the highlight list of modifications.

The 750-horsepower package will drain you of $30,425 in addition to the price of the GT500. But hey, that includes installation!

2012 Hennessey VelociRaptor 575 APVAs impressive as the Super Snake is, it’s nowhere near the intense insanity of the 2012 Hennessey VelociRaptor 575 APV. Car & Driver says,

APV stands for Armored Performance Vehicle; the entire rig is heavily armored to protect occupants from off-road-capable baddies. It trades the truck’s standard bed for an SUV-esque wagon tail; Hennessey tells us it’s a custom design that “may” use some Ford parts-bin components from vehicles like the Ford Expedition.

Hennessey says the target customers for its $270,000 575-horsepower monster are government agencies and corporations, but won’t rule out the occasionally wealthy individual. I hope there’s a background check involved, because this thing could be a dangerous weapon if it fell into the wrong hands!

Would you rather own the Super Snake or the VelociRaptor?


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  1. I would rather own the Super Snake if I was driving myself around. However if I had a chauffeur I would prefer to be driven in the VelociRaptor. 550 HP is quite a lot, I really can’t imagine 800, I think that would be too much power for me to handle; could be dangerous.

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