You Don’t Like VW’s 2012 Beetle? Buy a Used 2010

2012 Beetle

Well, the spy shots of the proposed 2012 Beetle are just ugly as sin. With its squashed roofline and tacked-on fenders, this looks, as one commenter put it, “like a cross between the original New Beetle and a PT Cruiser.”

Some autobloggers appear to like the look, calling it “retro” and “sportier” and comparing it to the Porsche 356. Do today’s buyers want a 356 look? This car looks like a styling exercise that Ferry Porsche scrapped.

I thought the last Beetle was a great design, and that’s the one I’d still buy. So I would search out a used, late-model Beetle, despite what is likely to be a better powertrain in the new car.

2012 BeetleI will bet this sort of disenchantment with new models happens a lot. The new car just doesn’t have the features you want, or the company has ruined a good design, or you are tired of being led down the path of having the Very Latest. So the alternative is to buy used, save a lot of money, and get what you want.

Some buyers may feel the same way about the Lincoln Town Car, as opposed to the coming MKT, which we discussed here. Looking at our nationwide DealFinder Town Car listings, for instance, you can find at least six opportunities (today) to save $4-5,000 and more on 2010 cars with around 15,000 miles or, in some cases, a lot less.

BMW has just redesigned its X3 for 2011 but, possibly shooting itself in the foot, has floated “vomit-inducing” sketches (per our own tgriffith today) of yet another future Sports Activity Vehicle called the X4. God knows when that will be built, but you can get some terrific bargains on used X3s: 2007-2010 cars with less than 30,000 miles at savings of $5-13,000 below market.

And so it goes. When the auto companies insist on producing stuff that makes you ill or that you just don’t want, the used-car alternative can make you very happy.

Have you ever been turned off by a specific new-car offering and then turned on to a used version of that car?


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  1. I don’t like the new design of it takes away from the original beauty of the bug.. I think that they should bring back the old trunk in the front bettle style..

  2. The same thing happened with the Honda pilot. The first gen (2003-2008) was a fabulous car, and the new ’09 redesign doesn’t hold a candle.

  3. You folks do realize that the picture is of the new platform with the current Beetle’s fascias tacked on to disguise it right?

  4. yeah u right vw suck but they make the fastest car in the worl bugatti and what kind of has a stance like mk2 , mk3 , mk4 jetta and gti and mk5 , mk6 gti no one so go back to gay piece of shit honda civic @ stanley howard

  5. Are you guys serious? You’re seriously that dumb? The car in the spy photos above is definitely the new 2012 Beetle, BUT, to disguise the new body style, VW has placed modified bumpers on it from the previous generation Beetle. Come on people, wake up!

  6. i wonder if they will ever have a new beetel baja bug. i have a 1966 and was thinking what a 2000 baja bug would look like any sugjestions

  7. Are they still going to be made in Mexico? Also to whoever said this is the ugliest VW thing ever designed I think the Thing takes that award by a long shot, even though I would love to own one.

  8. Looks Fantastic!!!!!!! Much better than the current girlie abomination we’ve had to endure for the last 5 or so years!!!!! That has an actual European look. Sign me up!

  9. Yep I’m very sad about this change, it just doesn’t look right!

    I have a 2001 bettle now which I bought just two years ago so I’m sure I’ll keep buying used for many years to come. I love my bug and can’t imagine not owning! Hopefully VW will come to their senses and bring back the old model.

  10. much much much better than the “new” one on the market right now – but not even close to the original beauty

  11. Gag me. This latest rendition of the Beetle is the Ugliest car VW has ever produced. No wonder they’ve wanted to keep it under wraps. And for crying out loud, I’ve freaking had enough of those who worship at the feet of Oprah. I also do not like the new bland Jetta. Were it not for the new Golf/GTI and the CC, I would eliminate VW from contention for a future purchase. And the fact that they haven’t brought us the new Polo OR the new Scirocco just adds insult to injury. Honest to God, I have no idea what VW or this deSilva designer is thinking.

  12. i wish they would just build the beetle to look exactly like the original beetle and then function like the new beetle. then men would actually consider buying them.

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