The Worse Your Car Looks, the More You Need Graphics

370Z graphics

Nissan has a website where you can choose vinyl wraps (graphics) and order them for your Cube or Juke (to see Juke graphics, hit the “Graphics” link in the navigation bar near the top of that page). The Frontier will come next. Imagine putting this stuff on a new Lotus Esprit? Of course not, man. Funky cars are for funky people.

Nissan offers side and front graphics, hood graphics and stripes—wings, wheels, weeds, waves, bubbles, birds, and butterflies. We’ll show a few after the break. Some graphics are garish, others tasteful. All are attempts to enhance weak or deficient designs.

I’m never against customizing a car, and probably some readers will put wraps in that category. But unless you’re a fool or an idiot, like the guy who tarted up the 370Z above, you generally want elements of the original design to take charge and determine how you look at and appreciate the car.

If the design doesn’t quite make it—or is just plain funky, as in the Cube and Juke—some embellishment can actually help.

As always, the question is taste. Let us know in the comments section which of these you like most, and why.

Cube with waves

Juke with stripes




1-Series M Coupe in anti-spy dress

Which of these wraps is coolest?


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  1. I would like to let anyone who reads this post that anything is possible when it comes to vehicle wraps. You really are only limited to your imagination when it comes to design. Don’t settle for the limited choices some people give, like even the small selection that Nissan does. You need to find a good shop with skilled graphic designers. I offer vehicle wraps in miami and will work with anyone’s ideas. I’m sure if you look around you can find someone in your city. As for business marketing purposes, you can’t beat the exposure you get when you turn your car into a rolling billboard for your business. You will pay back your investment in no time and have free advertising for years to come. It doesn’t matter what part of the country your find, find a reputable shop and start your design.

    Good Luck

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