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LSD doors kits for BMW M3

If you haven’t yet read tgriffith’s piece below on motorized headrests, I urge you to do so. If you like the idea of powered headrests, stop reading now.

If you do think such stuff is cool, you might also like to invest in gullwing doors for your new BMW M3. These are available from German tuner LSD (interesting name) in kit form for $2,418—a bargain, I’d say. If you want only one door, the price is $1,104.

Having only one door will make you look like a dork, but you’ll save over half the cost. (In fact, having two doors will also make you look like a dork.) Or you could buy the chrome Spyker C8 with gullwing doors (shown after the break) that recently appeared in Beijing and really make a statement.

Chrome Spyker C8 SpyderSpyker, incidentally, just launched its super-luxo “timepiece collection in time for Christmas.” The only news better than the price (from $9,750 to $30,500 per timepiece) is that the pushbuttons on the chronograph “mimic Spyker exhaust pipes.” Then you can say things like, “Check out my Spyker exhaust pipe pushbuttons, dude.”

The auto buyer has always been assaulted with all kinds of junk that has nothing to do with driving and everything to do with profit. But now, the big guys are getting into the game.

Microsoft has become the large-scale enabler of infotainment (what a word!) systems and just announced that the automotive version of Windows 7 will be available to select automakers, including Ford, Kia, Fiat, and Nissan. As egmCarTech reported,

“Microsoft deeply understands that technology collaboration is paramount to the evolution of integrated, in-vehicle infotainment systems,” said Kevin Dallas, general manager of the Windows Embedded Business Unit at Microsoft.

If you want to achieve deep understanding with your car and its devices, look no further than Microsoft.

If you want to understand what’s behind all this pointless, peripheral technology in cars, look no further than a Ford vice president’s statement yesterday that the company’s average per-vehicle revenue jumped 14 percent from 2008 to 2009 to $26,100. He said that about one-third of that rather astonishing increase is due to technology like the SYNC and MyTouch systems.

And you know what that will mean.

Are you an advocate of infotainment systems like Ford’s SYNC? Tell us why.


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  1. I think tech in cars is long overdue. Why cant my car have all my music stored on it’s stereo? Why doesnt it sync up with my collection every night from the driveway? How about a heads up display so I can see driving directions without having to look down? People are already using their phones, google maps, plugging in their mp3 players, etc. But it is much more distracting because all these things are not integrated into the car. Sure, I do not need a cup holder warmer or power headrests, but the ability to point out traffic before I get on the highway, or find the nearest gas station? Sign me up.

  2. I think infotainment is a nice feature to a car as long as it is designed to be elegant and reliable. I can’t imagine a Windows based car intotainment system without glitches. Now if Apple made something , you’d know it would at least be designed to the nines and fool proof. Hey Mr. Jobs if you are listening give me a call for some ideas. Seriously though, I think form AND function in an in-car setup are critical. I also think they have taken the in-car systems about as far as they need to without adding too much distracting garbage.

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