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Mazda Shinari concept

Attention sports-car fans: Want a little music for your ears?

Check out what Takao Kijima, the man behind the second and third generations of the iconic Mazda MX-5 Miata said to Autocar:

The MX-5 must always be lightweight sports. The car has got bigger and heavier over the past decade, but it’s now time to reverse the process and get back to basics.

That’s not just music, it’s an all-out symphonic metal concert! In this world of bloated sports sedans and giant SUVs, when’s the last time you heard a car designer say it’s time to get back to basics and make lighter cars? Hallelujah.

If it all comes to fruition, the next MX-5 should be an absolute driver’s dream.

We know Mazda has set a target weight of 2,200 pounds for the forthcoming roadster, and it plans to keep weight distribution at the magic 50/50 figure.

Mazda Ibuki concept

Way back in 2003, Mazda showed a concept called the Ibuki. It featured a twin-backbone frame, now found in the current Mazda RX-8, which allows for components such as the powertrain, gas tank, and exhaust system to be placed between the front and rear axles. This setup also enables Mazda to produce a roadster with the rigidity of a fixed-roof vehicle.

Styling, thankfully, won’t come from the Ibuki concept, but will instead draw from the sexy Shinari concept (pictured on top) that was revealed in August. Power could come from one of Mazda’s SkyActiv engines, probably the 1.5-liter powerplant, which should suffice if the car’s weight stays down.

If the next-generation MX-5 gets all these upgrades, it won’t only reach new heights, it might as well head straight for the museum as a prime example of how to build an affordable sports car.

What other new, affordable sports cars are you looking forward to? The Toyota FT-86? The Hyundai Veloster?


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