How Not to Test-Drive a Bugatti Veyron

Bugatti Veyron

Robin Williams once said, “Cocaine is God’s way of saying that you’re making too much money.”

I think the same can be said for supercars, whose main purpose is to show the friends and family of rich people how much money they have.

In the world of cars, the ultimate expression of expendable income is the Bugatti Veyron, which can be purchased by guys with exceptionally large wallets and disturbingly few driving skills. The potential for test-drive disasters alone is huge, right? Handing over 1,000+ horsepower to random rich guys who would have trouble piloting a used Mustang is right out of the disaster recipe book.

So imagine the humiliation of the guy in the video after the jump, who took the plunge of arranging to test-drive a Veyron and then promptly backed it into a Corolla on a busy Chicago street that just happened to be lined with spectators. One of whom had a camera.

Hop the jump for the cringe-worthy video as well as some potential used-car alternatives that might have provided the guy with a little more than 10 feet of test-drive fun.

Granted, backing up a Veyron is no simple task, considering it has the rear visibility of a submarine. I find it interesting, though, that when I test-drive something as mundane as a used Honda CR-V, the salesperson backs the car out of its spot and then accompanies me on the drive, while the guy in this video is responsible for navigating a million-dollar machine backward into downtown Chicago.

Regardless, even if he had bought the car, it probably would have been only a matter of time before he destroyed it, probably in a much more spectacular fashion. Guys like him probably shouldn’t be looking at Veyrons, even if their budget allows. They should be cruising DealFinder and looking for a nice used Nissan GT-R or Porsche 911 instead.

What’s your dream car? What used alternative would you settle for instead? I dream of an Aston Martin DB9 but would settle for a used Jaguar XK-Series.

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  1. @ randy
    If I’m not mistaken, the Veyron does have a backup camera, but the screen is minuscule and placed in the rear view mirror. You know, can’t put it in the dash because it would mess up the interior visual dynamics…

  2. Duh, they don’t have very good vision out the back, do they? You’d think a car that expensive would have reverse sensors and a camera. Maybe he should buy a minivan instead.

    Give me a 1960’s Jag XKE convertible with a V12 or I’ll take my ’55 Chevy convertible back. That Bugatti looks like a space toilet— one of the ugliest cars I’ve ever seen.

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