Automotive Excess Strikes Again

Anliker McLaren SLR

Some of you may have already seen this creation. Autoblog reported last April that this SLR McLaren (a favorite platform of weirdo tuners) went to—where else?—Dubai. That wonder-city, you may remember, was also home to another custom SLR, that one supposedly in white gold.

Anyhow, this red nightmare is from Swiss tuner Ueli Anliker. TopGear says it contains 5 kilograms of gold and 600 rubies. It also has a cow-catcher in front, a Mustang-type wing on the trunk, and is “reportedly worth over £3 million.” Ain’t it pretty? See the splendid interior after the break.

Not to be outdone, computer-printer company Epson and sticky-labeler Avery Dennison wrapped a Bugatti Veyron in some graphic glop to show at SEMA—as if the original wasn’t ugly enough (picture after the break). Nobody is going to buy that beast until they remove the wrap.

Anliker SLR interiorSome people never give up. When it announced the CLS “Shooting Break” concept last spring, Mercedes not only spelled the name wrong, but misnamed what is really an estate wagon or station wagon. As we duly reported.Bugatti Veyron in SkinzWraps by Epson

The company is still fudging on the name, having put out an incredibly bollixed explanation involving horses and carts—and they still get it wrong!

Now Benz is going to build this brake-break-wagon-estate, and it really is a beast (below right). When I first looked at the concept photos, I thought better of it, but what I see now is just a caricature of the four-door CLS Sedan that first showed in Paris.

Dieter Zetsche, Daimler Chairman, has further muddied the Mercedes nomenclature by calling that car (the sedan) a “four-door coupé,” which has confused the hell out of everybody.

Come on, Dr. Z., names do matter. Anyhow, Benz will show the CLS 63 AMG Sedan-Coupe at the L.A. Auto Show, opening November 19. That car, with a new biturbo 5.5-liter V8 and 515 hp, looks more like what a Benz should look like.

Does Mercedes-Benz’s name confusion over its “Shooting Break” bother you?


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  1. You’ve got to hand it to these rich Arabs, who try their hardest to prove that money can’t buy good taste. Reminds me of the Shiek who bought a Beverly Hills mansion and had pubic hair painted on the female statues.

  2. The “Shooting Brake” name doesn’t bother me as much as the design does. yuck.

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