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If you need further proof that the auto industry is well into its recovery, consider this: There are reports this week of some insanely outrageous super-SUVs that could make it to production.

Considering domestic automakers are seeing SUV sales increase, now is probably a good time for the elite automakers to show us what they’ve got. And it appears that’s exactly what they’re going to do!

The BMW X5 could morph into a bigger new X7, the Jeep Grand Cherokee could provide the base for a Maserati ute, and you’ll never guess what the inventive folks over at Volkswagen Group have planned for Lamborghini…

The super-sleuths over at BMW Blog found an interesting revelation buried deep in a Wall Street Journal article that normal car fans wouldn’t even read. The article, about an economic summit in Seoul, featured this little nugget:

So, BMW is downshifting. While it makes one big sedan especially for the Chinese market, it isn’t ramping up production enough to fill all its Chinese orders. It wants to make sure it has sufficient supply for the U.S. and Germany.

The company is also counting on the U.S. to rebound more quickly than doom-and-gloomers think, making rebalancing less necessary than the leaders gathered in Seoul believe. It is even reconsidering its decision to cancel a new large SUV, which was meant mainly for U.S. buyers.

That large SUV can only be the X7, which AutoSpies predicts would actually be a bigger next-gen X5. Time will tell, but it appears BMW has something up it’s sleeve for SUV fans in the States.

As Fiat boss Sergio Marchionne continues to twist Chrysler into his Italian brands, things are beginning to get interesting. Bloomberg reports that Sergio wants to use the Jeep Grand Cherokee platform to engineer SUVs for Alfa Romeo and Maserati. The Detroit News says those vehicles would be built at the company’s Jefferson North Assembly Plant in as little as 12-18 months.

Lamborghini LM002

Lamborghini LM002

Ever think you’d see the day when a Maserati SUV would not only exist, but roll out of a Chrysler assembly plant? Strange days indeed!

Even stranger are rumors of a coming Lamborghini SUV. Currently, you have to feel bad for the average Lamborghini buyer who needs a family car but isn’t willing to be seen in a peasant car like the Porsche Cayenne.

Thank goodness the Volkswagen Group has a plan. Like the upcoming Porsche Cajun, the Lambo SUV, codenamed LM00X, is reportedly based on the Audi Q5 platform. The LM00X could retain the Cajun’s three-door body style but come injected with Lamborghini styling and a new twin-turbo V8 being developed for the Audi S7. It would likely look considerably different than Lambo’s LM002, which was developed for military applications.

Don’t be surprised if this new Raging Bull of crossovers, costing well over $100K, arrives as soon as 2012.

Yeah, they’re crazy and a bit pointless, but I like these new super-SUV ideas. Do you?


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  1. Just goes to show that SUV’s are what people want, and not those tiny enviroment friendly cars that they keep trying to push on us. Make the suv’s more enviroment friendly and find a happy medium.

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