More Excess: Oakley’s Ferrari 458 Italia Redo

Oakley Design Ferrari 458 Italia

The recent outpouring of rage about the Anliker custom SLR gave us the idea we could provoke a few more of you with news of another automotive gilded lily. British tuner Oakley Design has stuck it to Ferrari and Pininfarina by “upgrading” the 458 Italia for seven lucky buyers.

Most would assume this car needs no mods, no redesign, no tweaks, no nothing. Other than returning it to your dealer for the recall to fix its propensity to catch fire, this is a well-nigh perfect sports car. Auto Express just voted it Performance Car of the Year.

But there will always be tweakers, and fools out there with enough bread to support them. Oakley has had some success with Porsches and now gives the 458 a bunch of mods to reduce weight, remap the engine’s ECU, and improve aerodynamics.

Surprise! The car actually looks and performs better. No fires reported yet, and the price of the mods (also available in kit form, a la carte) was not revealed.

Oakley has trimmed some 65 kg from the Italia, in part by replacing the traditional Ferrari five-spoke wheels with HRE forged rims and Pirelli Trofeo tires (a 20-kg unsprung weight loss). A new titanium exhaust system took off another 32 kg.

Better ducting, a new front spoiler, and rear diffuser improve airflow and downforce. The carbon-fiber roof panel is slick. Further suspension mods are being tested.

Results of these changes: a 53-hp, 10-percent gain, to 623 hp; 0-62 mph time is now 3 seconds flat (shaving off 0.4 seconds); top speed is now 208 mph.

If that’s not thrilling enough for you, the folks at Oakley will provide the companion Ducati 1198 “Carbon Edition” shown in the video.

Is super-speed tuning in a car like this simply overkill?


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  1. @ randy
    Great suggestion, Randy. Instead of handing out more tax breaks to the rich, Obama should require them to subsidize (heavily) purchases of 458s for guys like you and me who are qualified to drive them. We then will train the oil barons, license them, and lease them the cars (at exorbitant rates) on free weekends.

  2. Ahh yet another fine example of why the name Ferrari makes the hair on ones neck stand up. Of course I want one! So, I will find a nice diecast and make one myself! Then push it around on my desk making car noises. Ok at 12, even 25. Worrisome to a persons loved ones if observed after the age of 30(after 40 your loved ones don’t even notice; cars at the dinner table are simply normal) You know, that idea that Randy expressed has some merit. We could call it the ObamaCAR program. Yeah, program as part of the health care deal; For treatment of depression in older men who have never had the money for the big toys. Men suffering in silence(most of the time)from Big-Buck-sportscar-depridrivest, a new and deeply disturbing condition. All owners of these expensive exotic cars would have to ‘loan’ them to the Govt on a rotational basis. The more they own, the more cars they would have to loan out. Then the suffering men could drive these cars as therapy. For it has been discovered that only a combination of all the visceral and emotional feelings occurring at the same time while driving one of these cars will cure the condition. In some cases, the effect price has on this condition can be quite helpful. The more expensive the car, the more affective the treatment. Yes, a fee I would be happy to pay. My condition continues to worsen with age, yet there are no fund raisers for me, or the millions of others like me!!! This is a shameful Obamanation! Now I’m really depressed. Guess I’ll co to work.

  3. Ah yes, sucking money by making a car that probably doesn’t belong on public roads one that definitely doesn’t belong on public roads, and selling it to any clown with oil money or perhaps a wall street banker who can’t even fly a desk straight.

    Obama can help by requiring folks who buy these things to give them to guys like me, who have the training to drive the car, who will then stop by and give them a ride from time-to-time.

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