Green Update–>Cher on Hybrids, Jay Leno on Think City, Neil Young on LincVolt

Sonny and Cher and 1966 George Barris Custom Mustangs

Celebrities are just like you and me. Some are smart, some have interesting opinions, and some are stone dumb. You’d be hard pressed to find a better representative of the latter group than Cher. A person who built a career out of totally mediocre singing and acting talent, she is now 64 and still making pronouncements.

The latest is her opinion on hybrid cars and diesels.

I researched all the hybrid stuff and its pretty much all bulls**t…. I was going to get a Mercedes diesel thing, but then thank God I found out there was no diesel places near us, so if there was a fire, I would not be able to get out. There have been 10 fires since I lived in my house in Malibu, and we’ve had to evacuate. It wasn’t safe and if there was a fire, we wouldn’t be able to get out.

It’s the government’s fault there isn’t more acceptance of things green, she thinks. They need to “put out a list, saying ‘this could do this’ etc.” Like maybe telling people that diesels won’t run unless you put fuel in their tanks.

Jay Leno is of course the celebrity car guy. Jay’s Garage is an institution and, usually, I respect his opinions. He recently drove the Think City, an EV we have talked about, and said some strange things about the car.

He got on a riff that it’s hard to bond with a car that doesn’t break, require maintenance, or involve you in changing distributor points and sparkplugs. It’s all in the video below, including references to Betty Crocker’s cake mix marketing.

Since when have you been able to get under the hood and do your own work on any new car, Jay? And I don’t know about you, but changing sparkplugs or oil or timing never got my heart beating faster or brought me closer to my car.

Lincvolt in woodsAnd then we have Neil Young, who has actually been a car guy for a long time. He built, you may have heard, the crazy, oversized Lincvolt—an interesting biodiesel-powered hybrid behemoth based on a 1959 Lincoln Continental convertible, all 19.5 feet of it, recently shown at SEMA.

Well, the beast caught fire in its warehouse, was severely damaged, and may have to be scrapped. In a series of four videos here, Neil talks in detail about the car, its technology, and its raison d’être. The turbine used to charge the batteries is a nice bit of innovation.

Celebrities, I guess, are entitled to be a little crazy.

Have you heard about the Lincvolt? Tell us what you think.


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  1. Mustangs with a vagina face…nice job, Georgie!

    Wonder how much he tapped those Hollywood idiots for? They chould have had Shelbys.

  2. It looks like he converted them to Pontiac GTO’s– That’s definitely a Pontiac-style grille and hood scoops. Probably easier to rod a GTO. Don’t forget that Barris built some of the most iconic of the movie and show cars. Can’t expect him to bat 1000 when building something for clueless entertainers.

  3. Actually, Neil Young is a toy trains guy. He’s been closely associated with Lionel Trains and actually helped their digital remote control system to help his disabled son run his trains. He actually toured with a mobile toy train layout that was featured at his concerts.

    As for going out on a date with jgoods or Cher, I’ll have to opt for Cher. Self-absorbed, not well educated, but she sounds like a great time on a date as long as she doesn’t order the lobster.

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