The Cars and Cash of 50 Cent

It’s ironic that rapper 50 Cent is worth millions.

Only in America can a guy name himself after two quarters and then go on to make enough money to stuff the cash that won’t fit in his bank into his Lamborghini. How’s that for proof that he managed to get rich without dyin’ tryin’?

There was a time when celebs were content to flash their wealth with ultra-expensive cars, but that may not be enough anymore. A new trend looks to be stuffing ultra-expensive cars with cash. 50 Cent jumped on that bandwagon, posing with his Murcielago and a trunk full of crisp bills. He’s been spotted with a Rolls-Royce and a Pontiac G8 too… I wonder how much money is stashed in those.

Keep reading to see his G8, and a certain copycat celebrity (or at least former celebrity) imitate 50 Cent’s pose, though his money looks a lot like it was made with some computer software and a laser printer…

50 Cent's Murcielago, stash of cash hidden

50 Cent and a Pontiac G8

Vern Troyer, some fake money and an old Countach?

I think the most money I’ve ever had in my trunk is about 50 cents. I’ve never really understood celebs and their crazy antics, but this seems even more pointless than usual. Do you agree?


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