Will You Be Ragin’ Over the Porsche Cajun?

Porsche Cajun rendering

We all have to figure out a way to pay the bills. It doesn’t matter if you’re a single girl living in a New York apartment or the head of a storied German sports car brand.

All of us, on occasion, will stoop to questionable decisions when it involves the promise of making easy money.

The facts are, the single girl won’t make it in New York as a waitress forever, and Porsche would have shut off its lights years ago if it made only Boxsters.

The Cayenne SUV helped change Porsche’s fortunes. Next, the recently confirmed Cajun hopes to do more of the same.

There are some who believe the Cayenne watered down a once-proud sports car brand, and others who sing its praises because it created an all-new point of entry. Whichever side you’re on, the fact remains that the Cayenne outsells the Boxster by a considerable margin. Porsche knows there’s easy money to be made in the SUV/crossover market and will go after it full throttle by introducing a new, smaller ute based on the VW Tiguan/Audi Q5.

Autoblog says of the Cajun,

Designer Walter da Silva has apparently taken the lead on the project, which is expected to be loosely based on the Audi Q5, and the press release claims that the Cajun will have “typical Porsche features such as light weight, ease of handling and agility.”

Even so, a small crossover may tarnish Porsche’s reputation in the minds of some so-called purists, but it’s also the kind of car that will allow the company to keep the lights on and produce cars like the spectacular 918 Spyder.

Plus, there’s the simple fact that the Cayenne is a seriously attractive, capable and fun vehicle, which leaves no reason to believe the Cajun won’t be, too.

Whether you see Porsche SUVs as a deadly sin or the savior of the brand, they are here for good. Can you handle that?


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