The Hot Cars of Heat Star Lebron James

Whatever you think of NBA star Lebron James, it’s hard to argue that the man doesn’t have good taste in cars. I suppose, though, when you’re pulling in $14.5 million per year, you can afford to buy good taste even if it doesn’t come naturally. His custom Ferrari F430 Spider, built to accommodate his 6’8″ frame, is example number 1.

So what else does King James drive? The man has been seen in an armada of top-flight supercars and plain-weird (but still kinda cool) customizations of American muscle.

Follow the jump for a glimpse of what happens when a kid in his 20s is given millions to play with…

Of course every NBA star needs a blinged-out Hummer

Lebron's white Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG with color-matched wheels. Cool.

Lebron's white Camaro with color-matched wheels. Kinda cool, kinda not...

Lebron's custom orange Jeep Wrangler

Which of Lebron’s rides would you take home? I’d want the Ferrari, if I could reach the pedals…


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  1. I suspect that a man with feet the size of Sasquatch will have an easy time doing heel and toe downshifts. The Ferrari is cool but the other cars are just plain tacky. Just goes to show that having lots of money doesn’t give one good taste. (no, I’m not from Cleveland)

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