Sales of Honda CR-Z, Insight and Crosstour Hurting, But Help Is On the Way

Is a faster CR-Z on the way?

There’s been a lot of discussion this year about what’s going on over at Honda. Our jgoods wrote a nice piece wondering if the company is losing its way, and we also published a list of cars Honda might want to consider bringing back.

While commentaries like these generally don’t get the attention of Honda execs, sales numbers certainly do. It turns out we, and most other auto bloggers around the globe, were right: the CR-Z and the new Insight and Crosstour are underperforming in a big way.

Automotive News reported on the dismal performance numbers, which are summarized after the break. All is not lost, though, as rumors are floating around about an exciting update that could bring the excitement back to Honda. For now though, some of the best Hondas out there might be used ones

2010 Toyota Venza

2010 Toyota Venza

Honda ambitiously targeted selling 60,000 to 80,000 Insight hybrids, but only about 19,000 so far have found new homes. For every Insight driven off the lot, eight Toyota Prius hybrids go home with new owners.

The oddly proportioned Crosstour has a similar story, selling just 25,927 units compared to the similar Toyota Venza‘s 43,325. Honda’s original goal for the Crosstour? A lofty 40,000 units.

Honda CR-Z sales are as anemic as the car’s driving performance. Automotive News reports that Honda had hoped to sell at least 15,000 of the two-seat hybrids per year, but so far, only slightly more than 4,000 have been sold, and another 3,000 are currently sitting in inventory.

Combined with news that the boxy Element will be discontinued due to slow sales, there’s genuine reason for concern regarding the future of once-mighty Honda. The Odyssey, CR-V and Accord won’t be enough to maintain market share should slow sales continue.

While Honda is down for the moment, it’s certainly not out for the count. Edmunds InsideLine reported yesterday that the company will release a new CR-Z in 2011, that one powered by a turbocharged forced-induction 1.6-liter non hybrid four-cylinder. If that’s not enough to make you salivate, consider this: We could also see a 200-horsepower CR-Z Type R. Yes, yes, YES!

While you wait for Honda to rebound, no one will fault you for searching DealFinder for a used one rather than buying new.

If you were buying a Honda today, would it be new or used?


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    hope the cr-z turbo (no hybird crap) comes to market before august 2011
    cause I need a new car bad can’t wait forever, we the customer don’t even know if this is true HONDA never confirmed this, HONDA needs to let their customers know whats going on with the crz and not be so secretive!!! (ITS GETTING OLD)

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