Eight Great Gift Ideas for Car Fans (and One for Bacon Lovers)

As a public service, I am going to post my Christmas wish list.

I’m not doing this because I am greedy. Nor do I hope (too much) that someone with deep pockets sees this and sends a few mysterious packages to my door. No, dear friends, I am doing this for you.

As car fans, we need to look out for each other. And if you’re like me, you still need to provide your loved ones with possible gift ideas. Now, you can rest easy and simply print this list and pass it out. Or just mail it directly to Santa.

Bacon air freshener– $4.50

I love bacon. And I love the smell of bacon. And I’ve always wondered what I can do to make my car smell like bacon. Ta-da….

Gran Turismo 5– $59.99

First off, I must admit to not being a gamer. In fact, the last video game I bought was Madden ’98. GT5 though, from reports I’m hearing, is a racing simulator well worth the $60. Of course, that means I’ll also need to replace my old  PS2…

Rev app– $39.99

Forty big ones is a lot for an app, but this is cool. Rev, for the iPhone and iPod Touch, monitors, displays and records real-time vehicle data by communicating directly with your vehicle’s computer via the OBD-II port. A separate connector cable is required too, but this diagnostic tool provides cheap access to your car’s inner secrets.

Lamborghini chain saw– $200

I need a chain saw. So why not get the Lamborghini of chain saws? Seriously. And at only about two hundred bucks, it’s a no-brainer.

Ascent of the Stig shirt– $23

A handy evolutionary chart of the one they call Stig.

Ferrari driving gloves– $217.80

Supple leather, cashmere lining and hand-made in Italy. A little Ferrari luxury for everyone!

A book of car wash tickets– $20-$100

Practical and affordable, this is the gift I most appreciate come spring time (car washes by bikini girls optional).

Porsche sunglasses– $219

Porsche doesn’t simply license its name, it has an in-house design team that develops all kinds of gear. I’m quite fond of these shatterproof, anti-reflective, polycarbonate shades.

Do any of these items look good to you? Feel free to share other suggestions!


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