Give Your Car a Recall for Christmas

Red 2009 Honda Fit

Honda: Recall Champ of the Week

With all the shouting about the Toyota recalls this year, they are far from the largest. I found an interesting graphic (after the break) showing the Largest Car Recalls in History. Big numbers here, folks, really big numbers: Ford and GM totals from 1971 to 2010 give Ford 24.5 million to GM’s 19.8 million vehicles recalled. Imagine what that cost!

For this Christmas, however, if your car is one of those listed below, you can do it and yourself a big favor by calling your dealership and getting the beast some proper care, soon. Most of these issues don’t seem life-threatening, but one never knows.

There seems to be something of an epidemic: Chrysler, VW, Honda, Ford, and Hyundai all announced recalls this past week. Plus, we just heard that GM is recalling nearly 100,000 crossover vehicles for bad seatbelt buckles and 300,000 Impalas for defective seatbelt anchoring.

The numbers just keep climbing. Here’s what we have so far. (Click here for a larger view of the graphic at right.)

Autosavant tells us that there are potential fuel leaks in a whole bunch—over 377,000—of Volkswagen cars. Consumer Reports lists 228,000, including 2006-2010 models. It’s about a plastic tab on the wiper fluid reservoir chafing on a fuel line.

Honda is recalling around 1.35 million Fit and Jazz cars in the U.S., Europe, and Japan for a headlight wiring problem.

Chrysler has a potential airbag deployment issue in 367,000 of its 2008 Town & Country and Grand Caravan minivans; 76,000 Dodge Ram pickups, built from March 2009 through October 2010, are being recalled for a power steering problem.

Some 10,000 Hyundai Santa Fes and Kia Sorentos are being recalled for brake problems.

The Mazda5 has an issue with the fuel pump, and 16,000 cars are being recalled.

Ford’s Windstar minivan is in serious trouble again, and 37,000 more cars are being recalled for a possible cracked axle problem, requiring owners to park their vehicles. More details here.

Enough already; there are probably more that we have missed. The recall epidemic seems to be owing to automakers finally taking quality issues seriously after Toyota’s big bomb.

Are there more defects in cars these days? Or are automakers more scrupulous?


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