Porsche May Unveil New Supercar in Detroit

2011 Porsche 911 GT2 RS

Does Porsche need another supercar?

The company already has its $245,000 911 GT2 RS, powered by a watercooled six-cylinder twin-turbo Boxer engine that generates an enormous 620-hp and 516 lb-feet of torque. The 0-60 sprint takes just 3.4 seconds. Naught to 124 mph happens in 9.8 seconds. Reaching 186 happens in less time it than it takes to watch a TV commercial.

Good enough by anyone’s supercar standards? I should say so. But Porsche thinks it can do better. Maybe.

Porsche hasn’t bothered to show up at Detroit’s North American International Auto Show for a few years now, but plans on making up for its absence by promising to unveil a world-premier at the January show.

Porsche's next supercar or some clever Photoshop work?

The question is, will this debut be a supercar based on the 918 Spyder or something slightly more tame, such as the world debut of the sub-Boxster model rumored to be based off the VW BlueSport concept?

In an official statement Porsche said:

Porsche will be giving a new model its world debut – and various other models their first showing in the USA. The show in the traditional venue of Detroit, nicknamed ’Motor City’, is regarded as a leading international marketplace and forum for trends and opinions that is particularly relevant for the North American market. Porsche has been experiencing rapidly growing demand among its US customers over the past few months, especially for the new Panamera car line and the new generation of the Cayenne sporty off-roader.

For those who love the instant gratification of seeing a world debut happen live, Porsche will save you the trip to Detroit by broadcasting a live webcast of the event at www.porsche.com/detroit.

Which should Porsche introduce: a new 918 Spyder-based supercar or a new model to slot under the Boxster?


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