Dumbest Car Headlines of 2010 *UPDATED

Charles and Camilla

*UPDATE: You royal followers will be glad to know that a video of the December attack on Charles and Camilla has just been released. The YouTube comments are interesting—one refers to the royal couple as “decedents of thugs,” another to the attacking yobs as “troglodyte scum.” You pays your money and you takes your choice.

This time of year produces lots of stories with headlines like “Best Cars of 2010.” The New York Times was so infatuated with the idea that it had three of its writers pick their top 10: Lawrence Ulrich, Jerry Garrett, and James G. Cobb.

Most of their picks are fairly predictable, but not all. Then there’s the annual race to list the ugliest and worst cars. A pretty fair selection of the “Top 5 Ugliest Cars Ever” is on carwow.co.uk. And check out what are likely the very worst looking car grilles of 2010 here.

As usual, CarGurus has a slightly different take. We offer you a sample of really dumb/off-the-wall car headlines and stories you may have missed.

The Tight Writing Award goes to the U.K.’s MailOnline for this mouthful (illustrated above): ‘Stupid and reckless blunder’ which left Camilla cowering on car floor after being hit with stick by anarchist mob.

The royals are always good for a laugh, and according to a senior government source, “It is completely ridiculous that they were driving there at that time in a vintage Rolls-Royce.” The car was pelted with paint bombs by “yobs” who scared bloody hell out of the Duchess of Cornwall. Cor blimey.

The Most Ambiguous Award goes to kasa.com (a Fox affiliate) for its headline, Nuke drivers, drunk on the job? Should we really nuke these people for drinking? Well, no, it seems that government truck drivers transporting nuclear weapons and materials were found imbibing at a local bar. Another vote of confidence for our alert DOE and the Fox network.

Sex is always a magnet for bringing in readers. Consider that More Than Half Of Britain’s Drivers Have Had Sex in a Car, according to The Auto Channel, which offers a flood of statistics and even car preferences. In Huntsville, Ala.: Adult toy drive-thru offers privacy. That is, it’s about staying in your car and revealing only your face to the clerk behind the glass. And your sexual preferences, and your credit card number, and your license plate.

You can always depend on Jalopnik to cover weirdness in the automotive world. Today we learned that Now’s Your Chance to Own Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s Old Car. Yes, the old 1977 Peugeot 504 belonging to Iran’s president is up for auction, and somebody’s already bid $1 million. Scroll down here for some really nasty comments.

Have you seen a ridiculous, weird or just plain dumb car headline lately?


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