For the Bucket List: Exotic Car Rental

Maserati GranTurismo

An interesting conversation developed yesterday about the relevance of, and fantasies surrounding, supercars.

While a 270-mph Bugatti Veyron may not be everyone’s preferred choice of car porn, such cars certainly show the world what is possible on the extreme outer fringes of vehicle engineering.

Fellow car-blogger and all-around-good-guy jgoods made a comment in yesterday’s thread that got me thinking. He said that he doesn’t even own a car and just rents one when needed. Hmmm… maybe instead of aspiring to own an exotic someday, I should save a few bucks towards a super-radical rental for a day or two…

If you’re a fan of the guttural growl of a Maserati, the excessive opulence of a Rolls-Royce, or even wonder what it would cost to rent a Veyron for a day, keep reading, because a day of livin’ the dream isn’t as expensive as you might think! (Unless you want the Veyron…)

Among the more interesting finds:

Rent a Lamborghini Gallardo Spider from Chicago Exotic and Luxury Car Rentals for $1,299 per day. Not terrible, considering the incredible first impression you’d make pulling up to a blind date!

In New York, you can head to Xotic Dream Cars and then play James Bond for 24 hours in your very own Aston Martin V8 Vantage for a measly $695.

You can revel in the growl of a Maserati GranTurismo convertible for about $1,200 per day from Imagine Lifestyles in Chicago, or cruise comfortably in a Rolls-Royce Drophead Coupe from Auto Exotic Rental in Texas for $3,999 per day (or take advantage of their Super Bowl special, $16,999 for four days!)

And that Veyron? Well, unless you’re in the position to actually buy one, you probably still can’t afford the $25,000 per day it costs to rent one from Beverly Hills Rent-A-Car.

I’m certainly not saying any of these are affordable enough for your everyday car rental needs, but for a memorable, once-in-a-lifetime driving experience, why not splurge for a weekend?

Would you consider blowing a couple grand for a weekend of driving an exotic car?


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  1. @ panayoti
    Well, Señor, I happen to know that tgriffith is a family man but, yes, there are Mexican consort services that I could check into if he has any interest. You are correct: the thrills of high-speed driving in a fancy car do not compare—at least over time—to the other happy things you mentioned. One nice part about living here is that if you do want to rent a nice vehicle (no Astons or Lambos, however) the prices are a lot less than in the U.S. For example, the VW Polo is $46 USD per day, the Audi A3 Sportback $58, Mini-Cooper Cabrio $89, Audi A8 $132, etc. We don’t need no stinkin’ Maseratis.

  2. @ panayoti
    I’m certainly all for experiencing the wonders of our world… though I’m not sure cliff diving is for me! I just want to explore the world around me while piloting an Aston. At least for a day!

  3. Hell no! Hmmm! The Veyron over Beyonce, the Maserati with “guttural growl” over a jump off the New River Bridge, “the excessive opulence” of a Rolls over a dive off the cliffs at Acapulco??? Tgriffith, you’ve just got to get out from behind your cubicle and try exploring the world around you. It is pretty apparent that we are light years apart in our vision of what constitutes a heart throbbing, testosterone arousing experience. My fellow geezer, jgoods, perhaps gives the best explanation for this apparent disconnect. It certainly must be the age factor.

    Spending $700-$25000 per day for renting one of these vehicles to get a one time heart throb seems rather frivolous and not very responsible. But that is the way of youth and I reluctantly accept that behavior simply because it is part of the growing up process in that it prepares one for living in the real world. So I guess, if that is what turns your crank and gets your juices flowing, so be it.

    I’m sure that jgoods could easily point you to a local Mexican consort service that would provide you with the most gorgeous senorita for a month for the kind of money you are willing to spend for one day behind the wheel of one of these cars. I’ve driven the Viper, the ZR1, the Aston Martin, and a Porsche 911 Turbo and other than the genuine heart in your throat mini orgasmic rush experienced when putting the pedal to the metal, the only other sensory experience I encountered was a sore back and severe burns on my calf from the Viper’s exhaust system when trying to exit the cockpit. So for me, I would still choose that fine glass of an aged wine, a fine dinner, and a good crap afterward.

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