A Four-Wheel-Drive, Three-Door Ferrari

Ferrari FF profile

Ferrari has revealed the FF (Ferrari Four), and it’s causing a stir. Purists are complaining about the looks and the fact that (they say) it looks like a stretched BMW Z3 M Coupe. And some are finding it “pretty hard to digest a hatchback Ferrari!”

We suggest you ignore these ignorant clowns and look at what Ferrari has accomplished here. With a new 6.3-liter V12 (651 hp, 0-62 mph in 3.7 seconds), the car can reach 208 mph, 9 mph faster than the 612 Scaglietti Grand Tourer that it replaces.

But the big deal is that it’s a four-wheel-drive hatchback/shooting brake, with folding rear seats that permit you to carry a lot (up to 800 liters’ worth) of freight—or matched Louis Vuitton luggage, or hunting dogs, or whatever else you want to throw in there.

Ferrari FF, frontThe four-wheel-drive capability can be seen in a video at the FF’s dedicated website. The system weighs half of conventional units and, says Autocar,

preserves the desirable rear weight bias of recent V12 Ferraris. Called 4RM (for ‘Ruote Motrici’) the system is unique to Ferrari, using the car’s electronic systems seamlessly to direct torque to the front wheels when slippery conditions demand it, but mostly leaving the car in its desirable (and understeer-free) rear-wheel-drive state.

Ferrari FF rearThe fact that the company has produced what we might call a Family Ferrari is, we think, a real coup. The fact that it has 4WD makes it a car for all seasons.

What’s it going to cost? There is one rumor that “price will be in the $700k area.” That sounds a bit high to me, as the 612 started at about $312,000. But you can bet it will be substantially more than that. See it at Geneva.

Is the new Ferrari FF ugly, or is it beautiful? Tell us what you think.


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  1. Ferrari can do whatever they want, I guess. Nothing wrong with doing something different if you can do it with style. At least with AWD, the over-powered car might be able to stay on the road.

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