2011 Barrett-Jackson: Which Car Would You Buy?

1970 Olds 442

I can think of many things I’d rather do besides watching a car auction. Even the collector car auctions typically don’t do much to pique an interest unless a truly special vehicle rolls across the stage and sets a new price record.

While this weekend’s Barrett-Jackson auction in Arizona didn’t offer up a contender to dethrone the $30 million Bugatti 57SC Atlantic sold by Gooding & Company last year, there were some surprisingly tasty treats I would love to get my grimy little hands on.

While browsing the full list of cars up for auction over the weekend, I stumbled across one that poked me in the soft spot I have for classic muscle cars and Sylvester Stallone movies.

Other Stallone fans may remember the movie Demolition Man, where a red 1970 Olds 442 W30 gets discovered by Stallone’s character in the year 2032 in the slums of San Angeles. Using an old elevator, the car bursts up through the floor of a modern day Oldsmobile dealership, and Stallone’s character drives it out of the showroom and onto the street, beginning an explosive car chase scene.

1989 Jeep WagoneerWell, wouldn’t you know it, that car was up for auction over the weekend and is just as cool as it was in the movie. According to the car’s listing, it was purchased by the studio directly from the GM Heritage Collection and outfitted with performance options not available to the general public. Add that to the fact that it was driven by Sly himself and one can begin to justify its $93,500 sales price.

If American muscle isn’t your thing, perhaps a 2002 Ferrari 360 Modena would wet your whistle. That one sold for about $170K. Heck, there was even a 1989 Jeep Wagoneer that sold for under 6 grand, just going to show that this year’s auction had something for everybody!

Which car in this year’s Barrett-Jackson car auction would get your bid?


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  1. Although there are some great classics at the auction, I must confess the funniest part is watching all the fat old baby boomers spending rediculous amounts of money on muscle cars that will likely crash in value as the baby boom starts to die off. A few cars will likely keep their value, but all those GTO’s, Camaro’s and Chevelle’s will likely become very expensive white elephants.

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