Super Bowl Sneak Peek: Chevy, Hyundai, Audi Ready for Battle

Chevy's Super Bowl Camaro ad

What makes a good Super Bowl car commercial?

Yesterday’s Volkswagen examples are nice efforts, and I predict the little Darth Vader spot will be a huge hit. The black beetle… not so much.

Other commercials and teasers are hitting the the ol’ Internet ahead of Sunday’s game, with Chevy and Hyundai/Kia staking a major presence after lying low the last couple of years.

Keep reading for a sneak-peek of what you’ll see on Sunday, then vote for your favorite!

In this spot for the Chevy Camaro, beautiful women blast through the open desert, dodge hay bales in the city, get chased by helicopters and perform death-defying feats before the surprise (and lame) ending.

This long-form teaser from Audi introduces us to the Head of Riot Suppression at the Luxury Prison, played by tough-guy sax musician Kenny G. And yeah, they made a Prison Sax joke. The teaser doesn’t make much sense, but it’s bleepin’ magnificent, and I look forward to Sunday’s ad.

And then there’s Hyundai, which will advertise in at least three quarters. In this spot, the company’s ad men and women creatively show us what the world would be like if technological innovation stopped at the first cell phone. We’d never have the Sonata Hybrid, that’s for sure.

Feel free to tell us which you think is the worst ad in a comment below.


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