Chrysler’s Brilliant Super Bowl Mistake

Curse you, tiny little hot dogs wrapped in crescent buns. It’s because of you that I almost missed Eminem’s performance in a Super Bowl spot for Lipton Brisk Ice Tea.

Once I tore myself away from those deliciously sized snack items, I saw a terrible spot featuring an animated little Eminem adamantly laying down his demands for being in a commercial: hot chicks, film it at his house, name the product after him, etc. Pretty sophomoric stuff and hardly worth the $3 million cost of entry to advertise on this country’s biggest stage.

So imagine my surprise when, about a quarter later, I hear what I think is Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” playing under a collage of Detroit city images and quick flashes of Chrysler’s winged logo.

What is this, another Eminem spot? Where are the hot chicks he demanded? And why is this ad soooo long?

By now surely everyone has heard about Chrysler’s two-minute ad that oozed Detroit pride and featured the Motor City’s own Eminem pitching a revived company and its new 200 sedan. If the ad did one thing, it made a statement that Chrysler desperately wants to be noticed again. Desperate to the point of dropping around $100K a second just to advertise the Chrysler 200, a car that doesn’t exactly showcase the best Chrysler has to offer. Why not the superior 300?

While most Super Bowl ads went for comedy this year, this one went with drama, and I admit, it stuck out. There aren’t many commercials I remember from Sunday, and certainly none I’d be inclined to write about now. In that regard, the commercial was a smashing success.

In addition to the questionable car choice and expensive airtime, I have some hesitation with the new slogan, “Imported from Detroit.” Imported? The word doesn’t fit.

The tough thing about a slogan like this is that it is a huge nod to the company’s hometown. If the rest of the country doesn’t associate with Detroit and the slogan flops, it turns into another knife in the back of a city already on its knees.

Maybe Chrysler should have just heeded Eminem’s demands and gone with the “hot chicks” route. Maybe it could have even named the car the Chrysler Eminem. That way I’d have my quick thrill, a good laugh and would have forgotten about it by Monday morning.

Congratulations, Chrysler, for your out-of-place-but-damn-effective advertising. We’re excited to see what’s next…


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  1. This is my least favorite commericial. I love Eminem but the commericial wasn’t funny or awesome and it’s downright stupid. The Doritos commercial was 100% better than this, but wasn’t the best in Youtube’s ad blitz and that’s messed up! Even the Darth Vader Kid was better and more entetaining than this! Go ahead hate all you want, I’m just posting my opinion.

  2. @
    Good call, Colin, I bet you’re right. The 200 is the only Chrysler built in the US then… Town and Country is built in Ontario too.

  3. I think they used the 200 because it’s the only Chrysler that is actually built in the Detroit/Michigan area (the only Chrysler built in the US actually). If they were using the slogan “Imported from Detroit” they really had no other option…..unless they wanted to go with “Chrysler – Imported from Ontario”.

  4. Remembering seeing the 300 first came out at an auto show, my first impression was: “Wow, this is so Godfather looking…” In another words, if you are involved in some kind of organized criminal activities and you are not quite to the ‘godfather’ level to ride in a stretch limo, or a Rolls Royce, you could look pretty hot in the 300. I think this commercial is brilliant in the following areas:

    1. Picking Em to be the ‘spoke person’. Chrysler has broken quite a few ‘ordinaries’ in the past with their cars. Remember how everyone just either hate or love the PT Cruiser? “Oh my god, what a hell is that?” Then they dare to put out the PT Cruiser convertible??! Picking Em who also broke a few ordinaries – a Caucasian male rapper, who is extremely successful, making a smaller version of the 300 to fight with many same class imports knowing it might be a problem; and then threw all that budget into a super bowl commercial… Is the car ‘bigger’ then what it can delivered? I have to give it to Chrysler’s marking team for sniffing something before hand but then say, ‘What a heck, let’s go for a ride…’

    2. Chrysler has proven themselves to ‘climb’ up the ladder a little bit. Soccer moms in my neighborhood has gone from the Odyssey, Sienna, the X5 or even the ML to the Pacifica or even the Town and Country. Imported from Detroit? I can see that. For these upper middle class families to give up their imports proven something. They are also playing with the patriotism a bit. What’s better time than the Super bowl Sunday to play the patriotism card? I know many people who still have the biggest debit on Americans VS Imports. I am a totally German chick but I know an attorney who makes all that money and would not touch anything but a Ford/Lincoln. Imported from Detroit? I can see that. A simple but ‘make you think’ kind of slogan. Genius!

    Good luck 200. I might even go take a look and see what’s all about…

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