Quirky Concepts Coming to Geneva

The Geneva Motor Show (March 3-13) has always brought out some of the wilder, more exotic concepts. This year will be no exception, as we show you some of our picks for ingenuity, if not excellence, of design.

There has been a lot of Web noise about BMW’s Vision ConnectedDrive (why don’t they stop with those dopey names?), and you’ll see it after the break. My choice for Best of Show would be the car above, the Renault Captur, which is both imaginative and practical—kind of a follow-on to Nissan’s Juke.

Reported to achieve up to 60 mpg from a 160-hp twin-turbo engine, the Captur has an interior featuring a hammock-like network of stretched elastic ropes, for seating and/or storage.

While the BMW EfficientDynamics is slated for production, the ConnectedDrive, shown here, is a test bed for “advanced driver assistance and mobility networking systems,” meaning things like programmable heads-up displays on the windshield, inter-vehicle communications, and other futuristic goodies. I think it looks too fat in the flanks.

Another German builder, whom you may not have heard of, offers just what the world needs—another supercar. This one’s called the Gumpert Tornante, with some interesting bodywork by Touring of Italy, one of the oldest and most respected design houses. 700 horses derive from an Audi-sourced 4.2-liter V8.

Lotus commissioned this Mansory-designed Evora, which is very sharp and a definite improvement on the original. The company is into a big redesign of its entire line, and we hope this will be part of it.

Finally, Nissan’s Esflow is a reworking of the Leaf’s electric powertrain, and the company claims 0-62 mph in “under 5 seconds” with a range at full charge of 149 miles. It also claims the car is “production ready.” Looks like an updated 240Z, doesn’t it?

Which of these cars would you like to see get built? Which one would you buy?


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