The Cars We Love To Hate

2010 Ferrari 458 Italia

Cars bring out a huge bevy of emotions in those of us who call ourselves enthusiasts. For each vehicle we utterly fall in love with, there are probably two we completely despise. Hate, even.

Consider the Toyota Corolla. On one hand it’s a perfectly capable, reliable and acceptable mode of transporting oneself from home to campus and back. There’s certainly nothing wrong with the Corolla, but there are legions of folks out there who absolutely hate it, giving it no more consideration as a car than their refrigerators. (There’s even a Facebook page devoted to Corolla hatred.)

While I personally wouldn’t buy a Corolla, seeing one on the road doesn’t raise my ire like the vehicles listed below do. Have a look, then let us know which cars you love to hate.

Cadillac Escalade

Cadillac Escalade

I can’t help but think of the aging, overweight woman who tries to cover her unattractiveness with heaps of makeup and stacks of jewelry. Use all the bling you want, baby – you can’t cover the ugly.

Chrysler Sebring/200

Chrysler Sebring

Despite a killer Super Bowl ad, the Chrysler 200 is still just a cleverly marketed Sebring. There are a lot of cars from the Chrysler Group I like a lot, but the 200 isn’t there yet.

Chrysler PT Cruiser

Chrysler PT Cruiser

I physically shudder when a PT Cruiser pulls up next to me. I try to guess what statement the driver is trying to make, but all I can come up with is he’s using the car like sweatpants and telling the world he just doesn’t care anymore.

Chevrolet Astro

Chevrolet Astro

Some guys would love to put wheels on their tool boxes and drive them around. For them, the Astro van was created.

Oldsmobile Alero

Oldsmobile Alero

The car screams, “Look at my brake lights! They’re huge! Just try to look away!” Those dang brake lights are the only feature on the car I ever see. I hate them, yet cannot look away.

2WD Full-Size Pickups

1996 Dodge Ram 2WD

Like bicycle tires on a monster truck. Seriously, why bother?

Ferrari 458 Italia

2010 Ferrari 458 Italia

I hate it because it’s beautiful and I can’t buy one.

What car do you love to hate?


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  1. My list…

    Like you, I can’t stand the PT Cruiser. Also in that list, in no particular order…

    smart (branded) cars… little engines with a shell and no room.
    Toyota Prius… driven by self-righteous eco-mentalists…

    Both smart and Prius cars are statement cars… like the gold tooth of the car segment… “We are being responsible and you are not” snobbery is lost on me… when I’m next to one of these cars, I rev my Bimmer and then take off just to waste gas in despite of them… Also, regarding the Prius… how many owners actually know how damaging those lithium batteries/manufacturing/importing/etc is to the environment? From what I’ve heard, they’re far worse on the environment than a F-150…

    About any Pontiac save the 70’s Trans Ams with the Firebird… those were so sweet when I was a kid… chalk that one exception up to nostalgia… the era of plastic body cladding and Azteks is now over… thank… the… Lord…

    Land Rover LR4s… I owned one for a short time… electronics went out every few weeks requiring at least 12 trips (to and from) to the dealership before they bought it back from me since a Lemon Law lawsuit was inevitable. Hate the thing. Nice looking etc but horribly unreliable… did I mention I hate it?

    Man, there are probably dozens… After this post I’ll probably start noticing all kinds…

  2. 2wd pickups make perfect sense if you don’t live where it snows and don’t go offroad, but still need to haul or tow stuff. You must live in the rust belt….

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