Free Pimped-Out Navigator? I’d Take One Too, Kwame

2011 Lincoln Navigator

According to The Washington Post, Washington D.C. Council Chairman Kwame Brown has found himself on the wrong side of public perception over his choice of a taxpayer-provided vehicle: a fully loaded Lincoln Navigator L.

Evidently ordered on Brown’s request before his January 2 inauguration, the rig carries an incredible $1,900 per month lease payment. That’s pretty spendy for a government facing a $400 million shortfall.

But it gets even worse…

Brown reportedly requested a fully loaded Navigator L (which is the long-wheelbase version, about 24 inches longer than the standard Navigator) in solid black along with a black interior. When that vehicle came delivered with a gray interior, he wouldn’t accept it and demanded another. As a result, the good tax-paying residents of Washington D.C. currently pay to lease two Navigator L models at $1,900 per month each.

Brown, presumably under intense pressure, says he never intended for the vehicle to be a fully loaded luxury SUV and that he merely requested a black-on-black model. But The Washington Post reports that emails acquired via the Freedom of Information Act show that the fully loaded vehicle was leased per Brown’s request.

InteriorAnd why not? Rather than play the ignorance card here, Brown should own up and admit that no one orders a Navigator L without expecting a hefty dose of luxury. And when it’s free, who can blame him? I’d certainly do the same thing, and I’d imagine a good majority of you would, too.

There are a couple of problems with this situation, but neither is with the specific vehicle choice.

The first problem is that Brown didn’t accept the Navigator with the gray interior. He says he wanted black because cars with black interiors have better resale values, but it’s pretty clear that saving money on the car isn’t his first priority. He should have just accepted the car that was delivered and changed cars when the lease was up.

The second problem is with whoever negotiated those lease payments. Seriously, $1,900 per month could have  have financed a Maserati. A quick visit to the Lincoln Navigator online configurator shows a fully loaded Navigator L lease payment of $982 per month.

Who’s the schmuck who signed on the $1,900 line? Twice? That’s the guy who should be fired.

Do you have a problem with government officials driving luxury vehicles for free?


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  1. So now the OTHER Kwame has his own Lincoln, just like the Detroit Kwame. (Actually Detroit Kwame got several, to keep his family riding in style.) The difference between the two Kwames is that Detroit Kwame is sitting in Prison. I’m pretty sure the Washington Kwame will follow sooner or later. A public official running a deficit-ridden cesspool like Washington who demands such taxpayer-supported perks is sure to be have his hands in the till somewhere else.

  2. Okay, let’s get one thing straight before I go on… NOTHING IT FREE! If this Washington DC knucklehead is not paying for it, WE ARE! So, let’s not get carry away what’s free and what’s not. My step son and I are ready to start college this summer. Granted I am going for my second master at a medical school, I find very few financial help anywhere. I then got the news from the college’s financial aid office saying most of the money, especially grant and scholarship is gone because of the economic melt down the last few years. Let’s also not forget how many city schools’ budget were being cut also because of that mess… So, all of us were affected in many different levels. While, the money went to save the ‘world’, we all decided to go to school and be educated so we can be responsible citizens, we ended up doing it the hard way… Don’t these DC knuckleheads want more of us to be able to make more money with our education so they can take more money out of our income to pay for these ‘toys’?!? Where is this going to end. (By the way, I have already decided not I will walk before I buy a GM. We all know why and just leave it as that…)

    Now I got that off my chest, let’s see what else I would like to vent…

    So, $1900.00 huh??! I think I would be a little less livid if that $1900.00 per month is going to a GL or even a Cayenne, but a Navigator??! A Navigator??! Oh, I got it, we have to be patriotic and use American. So, what did the knucklehead come up with? Resell value… Wow, I don’t know if I should laugh or cry over his ‘intelligent’ respond. Since when you see a Honda commercial about their highest resale value Civil and Accord actually brag about the all black leather seats??! (Actually I can think of other reasons why he wants that, but I can’t really post it…) Is that the best he could come up with??! OH-MY-GOSH!!! What position is he holding again? What credential does he has to hold that position? Is he smarter than a 5th grader??!

    Since Griffith listed two problems, I will do the same…

    This knucklehead has someone to answer to? I guess not. Who would approve that kind of spending for a Council Chairman? What does President Obama riding in? Who does he think he is? Should there be a budget on ‘business expenses’? If he would love to pimp his ride, pimp with his own money. I am sure his salary would allow him to pimp a dozen of these rides. So, why our money??!

    Okay, let’s take the blame off for a little while from the knucklehead #2 who sign the doted line. What is Ford doing or thinking to come up with a $1900.00 lease? Is that why they didn’t need the government relief fund because they have already got one build in? Any one bother to ask Ford what are the terms and conditions of that lease for $1900.00 a month? I don’t care how pimped up the SUV is, let’s hope Ford has a itemized contract with detail break down on how it comes to $1900.00… Again, I will walk before I buy a Ford…

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