Mazda Shows Off Minagi, Plus the Spider Recall

Mazda Minagi concept, Geneva

First things first. Spiders nesting in Mazda6 cars have been causing problems in fuel system hoses and have forced a recall of 65,000 cars. The critters seem to like “tiny rubber hoses linked to fuel tank systems,” restricting pressure, and no one can figure out why they like Mazda cars so much or how they are making their way into them.

The problem has naturally intrigued certain members of the auto media, who have written numerous hah-hah anti-spider stories, quoting Miss Muffet and so on. What they should have been writing about was the nifty new crossover concept called Minagi (above) that was shown at Geneva.

It’s about time for a real comeback from Mazda, and we hope this car makes it to production. If it does, it will be called the CX-5 and compete against cars like the VW Tiguan and the Audi Q5.

Mazda Minagi conceptTwo things are noteworthy here. First, the car makes use of what Mazda calls SkyActiv technology in its new gas and diesel engines. High compression and lower weight, plus a new automatic transmission are said to produce higher power and better fuel efficiency.

Second is the design language called Kodo, which produced the Shinari concept last year. I thought the Shinari was a trifle snarky, but the Minagi could be a real shot in the arm for a segment that has featured consistently brutal, boxy, in-your-face designs, like Honda’s Pilot. Go Kodo!

Mazda has always been an innovative company, and the kooky press release for this car is no exception:

The Mazda MINAGI is a stylish expression of pent-up energy. In Japanese, its name conjures up the image of an object pulsating with energy and perfectly reflects the vehicle’s speed, agility and spirited character. For MINAGI, Mazda designers looked at different aspects of cheetahs as they hunt. A cheetah’s head is positioned high, while long, powerful and supple limbs hold its lean torso upright to enable it to change direction quickly at high speed.

So, if you want spiders, buy a Mazda6. If you like cheetahs, wait for the Minagi.

Does the Minagi concept catch your fancy? Why, or why not?


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  1. I wish these companies would give the people what they want. Mazda speed and TRD versions boosted with about 250-275 HP.?

  2. I love how the Chrome piece at surrounding the grill shoots up through the headlights. I hope this little cue make it to production. And I hope they hurry up use this deign on the Mazda3. I hate that cheesy grin.

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