Fun Car Videos to End the Week

Maybe you’ve wondered what it takes to produce the most expensive car commercial ever. Or perhaps, like many card-holding car enthusiasts, you harbor an unquenchable desire to watch sleek coupes scream through empty roads (or in some cases, whoosh silently across them).

Maybe you just fantasize about driving cars through a shopping mall while accompanied by pretty girls.

This week’s batch of car vids features a raging Jaguar, a silent Tesla, the making of Poseidon and a shopping-mall trip like no other.


Oh, Jaguar. You really didn’t need to tease us with this video. You had us at 543 horsepower and 0-60 in 4.2 seconds. Still, we’re more than happy to watch, and listen to, the 2011 Jaguar XKR-S in action, again and again.

Tesla recently unveiled the pricing structure of its Model S sedan, with the entry-level car coming in at $57,400 for a 160-mile range (before the $7,500 federal tax break). From there, we’ll get a 230-mile range for $67,400 and a 300-mile range for $77,400. Here’s the Model S silently tearing up some backcountry roads.

Kia’s Super Bowl ad for the Kia Optima featured everything from a spaceship to a giant Poseidon to an ancient Mayan civilization opening up a wormhole. It’s certainly not your typical auto-ad fodder, and it may be the most expensive and complex car commercial ever made. Here’s how it was done.

Take some ladies shopping and throw in a Peugeot 107, a Chevrolet Spark, a smart fortwo, a Toyota iQ and a Jaguar XKR. Put them all in a shopping mall and guess which one fits in an elevator.

Have you seen any other good car videos lately?


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