Range Rover Evoque Wins Car Design of the Year!?

I don’t mean to discredit a reputable organization, but in this case it seems Car Design News did it all by itself by awarding the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque its Car Design of the Year award.

The Evoque easily beat competition from the equally weird Alfa Romeo Giulietta, the brilliant Audi A7, the revived Kia Sportage and the sleek Hyundai Elantra to take top honors.

The Car Design of the Year Award represents the opinions of automotive designers, including a number of leading industry design directors who sit on the judging panel. But seriously, what do designers know?

2010 Alfa Romeo Giulietta

Surely the Evoque would have never stood a chance had our esteemed jgoods been sitting on that panel. I actually wonder if any auto journalists at all were on the panel. If not, they should have been, because designers tend to pat themselves on the back and interpret “ugly” as “groundbreaking.”

Car Design News Associate Editor Joe Simpson said, “The Evoque translates the brand identity of Range Rover to a smaller, very relevant product, without becoming retro or derivative.”

2011 Audi A7

Granted, the design comes across as all-new and isn’t simply a shrunken Range Rover. For that Land Rover deserves praise. But to be judged the best design of 2010? I don’t see it. Especially when judged against the A7. And the Elantra, for that matter.

With so many other production vehicles debuting in 2010 (Camaro ZL1, anyone?), does it make sense to you that Land Rover’s Range Rover Evoque was awarded best design?


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  1. $47K for 150HP?! My 2001 Buick Century has 170HP (3.1L V6), gets 28-29MPG (primarily highway driving, can’t quite squeeze out 30), and is capable of decent acceleration times since it doesn’t weigh too much (probably unlike the Evoque). With the addition of some custom audio and HID headlights by yours truly, it looks and sounds better than any stock Century ever could. Oh and a new Century from 10 years ago probably cost less than half the Evoque does. I know those cars and their target markets are unrelated, but you can get better MPG’s and WAY better looks (as Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson once said, “come to think of it, I’d rather look at the back of a baboon”), along with a good amount of storage space out of a Century. Not to mention that Land Rovers don’t have the best reputation for reliability either. If it’s a luxury SUV you’re after, go German. Audi/BMW/Mercedes have better offerings in that department, and you won’t be skimping on horsepower either with something from one of them

  2. My “esteemed” view of this car hasn’t changed, tgriffith: It’s still a design miscue (or mish-mash) unworthy of its heritage. And the price is no bargain: around $45-47,000 in Europe for the base model, which has only 150 hp! Only the brain-injured and visually-impaired will buy this car.

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