Used Cars That Are Cheap to Buy and Cheap to Own

Kia Soul

I love my SUV. It’s classy, comfortable, and gets what I like to call “almost fairly decent highway mileage.” But there are times I want to unload the thing because it’s so dang expensive.

Filling up the gas tank snags an easy $50 to $60 out of my wallet, and prices keep going up. Oil changes run about a hundred bucks, because the snobby engine prefers synthetic oil. The dealer wanted a thousand bucks for the 30,000 mile service (which I politely declined and had done for a fraction at a local shop). On top of all that is the hefty monthly payment the bank happily drains from my account once a month.

There has to be a better way!

There is. And it’s on DealFinder. I think I’ll check it out and fantasize for a while about good cars that don’t cost much… to buy or maintain!

My first search brought me to the Nissan Versa, a car that maximizes interior space, offers seating for five and gets 34 mpg on the highway. The Versa actually offers more interior volume than any other vehicle in its class, even approaching that of the full-size Nissan Maxima. Considering a new Versa retails for as low as 11 grand, late-model used ones (the Versa was introduced in 2007) can be had for significantly less.

2011 Land Rover Range Rover

Range Rover offers some perspective

When I think about value in cars, Kia is an automaker that jumps to the front of my mind. The Soul is a funky little family hauler, retails new for under 20 grand and has plenty of used options priced from $11K to $15K. Plus, its an IIHS Top Safety Pick. Quite the reasonable choice, but I don’t think I could get past the squashed cube look. Not really my thing. Plus, it’s not exactly a speedster, and I just can’t do slow, no matter how much money I’ll save.

After a few more searches involving cars such as the Ford Focus, Honda Fit and Volkswagen Jetta, I begin drifting toward cars that will allow me to obliterate the speed limit, not simply reach it. The BMW M3. The Ford Mustang GT. Now my blood is pumping! Before long I’m gazing at used Land Rover Range Rovers and patting myself on the back for the wise and practical choice my SUV represents.

I’ll probably keep my car no matter how expensive it gets to operate. Will you? Which inexpensive cars interest you most?


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