Ferrari Enzo Replacement Inspired by Bugatti Veyron?

Ferrari Enzo

In the world of a true car enthusiast, rumors of a new supercar take precedence over anything else that might be happening that day. Pursuing a new love interest, browsing friends’ Facebook status updates, reading up on Snooki… suddenly none of it matters.

That’s especially true when we’re talking about two of the most legendary supercars: the Ferrari Enzo and the Bugatti Veyron.

The Enzo ended production in 2004, just before the Veyron captivated the world in 2005. If Autocar is to be believed, the Veyron just may set the benchmark for whatever car Ferrari is planning to replace the Enzo.

Since I know nothing you hear today will make you happier, keep reading!

Okay, the truth is, we don’t know much about the Enzo’s replacement. Considering, though, that car had a 6.0-liter V12 and a hefty 651 horses running behind the driver’s seat, we can be confident that its replacement will come in with significantly more.

Bugatti VeyronBut outdoing the Enzo isn’t going to be enough for Ferrari. If Autocar’s anonymous sources at Ferrari speak the truth, the Bugatti Veyron is helping to shape Maranello’s next hypercar.

While the quad-turbo W16-powered Veyron easily makes over 1,000 hp, Ferrari’s next exotic could come with “only” a twin-turbo V8. How would that be enough power to take on the Bug? Given that the 458 Italia produces 570 horsepower from a naturally aspirated 4.5-liter V8, a pair of turbochargers upping that to over 700 horsepower doesn’t sound unreasonable. Granted, that’s not comparable with the Veyron’s 1,000, but then again the Ferrari should be smaller and lighter.

Until the Enzo successor is officially announced in the next year or two, we’re not going to know much beyond the occasional anonymous tip. But even that’s enough to keep the supercar rumor mill churning.

An epic battle between the gods of the supercars, Ferrari and Bugatti. Could anything be more entertaining?


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  1. By the way, is the Bugatti a tribute to the Edsel or is that a toilet seat being used as a grille?

  2. Great illustration of my comments on the previous thread. Ferrari for those with class, good taste, and a sense of style, and Bugati for those without.

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