Next Honda NSX May Not Be the Beast We Hoped

Here are two cars you never want to hear mentioned in the same sentence: Honda CR-Z and Honda/Acura NSX.

Not only has the comparison been made, the words have been credited to a Honda spokesman in reference to the long-rumored resurrection of the fabled NSX:

The car will be positioned as a high-performance counterpart to the two-seat Honda CR-Z sporty hybrid.

Oh holy blasphemy…

While at first we were giddy beyond belief at the possible return of the NSX, now we think we’d rather Honda stop now before it forever screws up the supercar’s legacy.

New Honda NSX

An earlier version of the next NSX

Honda’s track record recently isn’t exactly filled with successful new models, and I’m afraid an NSX packing anything less than a mid-mounted V10 will be a major disappointment.

At the very least we can take heart, I suppose, that this is the first time Honda execs have publicly commented on plans for a rejuvenated NSX. Honda Motor Co. President Takanobu Ito disclosed to AutoNews that his company is currently working on a successor that will be both exhilarating to drive and efficient.

“Exhilarating to drive” is a good start, but its that “efficient” part that freaks me out. That probably means buyers can expect a hybrid drivetrain. How lovely. A hybrid NSX marketed as the big brother to the CR-Z might as well be front-wheel drive and have four doors.

If General Motors can build a lightweight and fairly fuel efficient Corvette Z06, why in the world can’t Honda build a non-hybrid NSX that blows it out of the water? It’s quite clear to me that Honda doesn’t feel an intense passion to create a halo car that represents its very best in performance, engineering and style. If it can’t stay true to the NSX’s spiritual lineage, I don’t even want it to try.

If you want to snag a true NSX, keep an eye on DealFinder, where at last check there were a few used models available!

Would a hybrid NSX be the right move for Honda, or would it just prove that the company is a shell of its former self?


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  1. Well… DID say counterpart. So I am thinking exact opposite. As for the whole hybrid deal, Porsche 918 route would be good.

  2. Lets cross our fingers that Honda takes a note from the Porsche 918. Honda needs something the bring back ahead of the Koreans as far as bland cars go. Even Toyota is making bland cars that are barely less bland than Honda. I’ll keep my CRX, but I’m not buying a CRZ.

  3. Honda seems to run on “playing it safe” these days. Their styling is bland to downright ugly, their TV advertisements are as strange and clueless as they are plentiful, and their prices are high.

    GM doesn’t have anything to lose these days since they are running on the huge piles of cash they stole from retirees, suppliers and investors as well as another huge pile looted from the American taxpayer.

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