Trump Declines Indy Pace Car Drive

Donald Trump and the Indy 500 Pace Car

We have just been deprived of what would have been the Greatest Spectacle in Racing: Donald Trump driving the Chevy Camaro pace car at the Indianapolis 500 on Memorial Day.

After much public pressure, the Great Man stepped aside, because as the Speedway claimed, “he may be announcing shortly his intention to run for the office of President of the United States, and therefore he thought it would be inappropriate to drive the Pace Car….”

Inappropriate? Running for President would be a lot more inappropriate. The real reason he stepped aside was, according to Jalopnik, that the Speedway booted him. There are slight hints in an AFP story that this may be true.

A.J. FoytAn Indianapolis attorney set up a Facebook group (Bump Trump) and has gotten over 18,000 “likes” since Trump’s drive was announced on April 5. These people don’t want Trump in the spotlight for about 40 reasons, and you probably can guess most of them.

The Speedway has just announced that A.J. Foyt (right), who in fact does deserve the honor, will drive the pace car. Foyt is the first four-time winner of the Indy 500, and his first victory was 50 years ago.

But it ain’t fair that The Donald was forced out. The greatest windbag of our time would have been a sight to behold, with his purple tie, toothy grin and perpetual comb-over inciting a chorus of boos as he rounded Turn One. It could have been a perfect media circus.

Was it right to push Donald Trump out of the Indianapolis 500?


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  1. Jeez, the guy lives in NYC and is driven everywhere in Limos. He probably can’t drive anything bigger than a golf ball.

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