2012 Ford Mayhem Mustang V6 Package Adds Up to a Poor Man’s GT

2012 Ford Mustang V6

People who use cars just for transporting their miserable selves from home to work and back don’t buy Ford Mustangs.

Mustangs are for people who love cars, or at least people who want an exhilarating set of wheels to make up for an otherwise miserable existence.

A Mustang is an enthusiast car, especially in trims wearing the vaunted 5.0 badge. Six-cylinder Mustangs, in the past at least, were a bit of a joke. Today’s V6 ‘Stangs offer a respectful 305 hp, but still lack the driving characteristics of their V8 brethren.

The newly christened Mayhem Mustang Package aims to solve that problem.

When Ford decided to build an enthusiast version of the current V6 Mustang, the company put a call out to Facebook fans to choose the package name.  Ford’s social media masters created a contest that received over 3,000 entries, and in the end it was the “Mayhem Mustang Package” that won out.

Would a Mayhem badge make up for a missing 5.0?

The idea behind the enhanced V6 is simply awesome: produce the best Mustang for the least amount of money.

While there are no engine upgrades, Mayhem Mustangs get better handling, braking and acceleration thanks to 3.31 performance rear-axle gearing, stiffer front and rear stabilizer bars, front struts, rear shocks and high-friction brake pads borrowed from the Mustang GT, stiffer rear springs, the Shelby GT500’s rear lower control arms and 19-inch wheels wrapped in Pirelli rubber.

Mayhem cars also get a front strut tower brace, electronic stability control with sport mode and, of course, special badging to let the world know of all the hidden Mayhem.

All this goodness reportedly adds $1,995 to the $22,145 MSRP of a 2012 Ford Mustang V6. Ford hasn’t released specific performance numbers, but it all seems to add up to a great buy when compared with the $29,145 starting MSRP of the GT trim.

Would you buy a Mayhem Mustang V6 over a GT, or is this just some clever marketing by the Blue Oval?


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  1. How can I find out if I have a Mayhem package , by vin ? I do have strut brace, short throw shifter, dual exhaust, 19″ wheels. Not sure about rear gearing.

  2. I bought this car in 2014 not aware that it was equipped with the “Mayhem” package. It had 13,000 miles on it, so it was like new. It ran very quick stock, but after adding a tune, cold air intake, 3.73 ford racing gears, aluminum driveshaft (the factory one is junk), 73mm throttle body, Borla exhaust, and Short Throw Shifter, etc., this car is very fast now, and naturally aspirated. It’s lighter than a GT but has the same suspension and brakes so the handling is amazing. I’ve seen guys run low to mid 12 second quarter miles with a similar set up on YouTube, and it’s still a great daily driver. Definitely bargain performance.

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