The One Trick Almost Guaranteed to Sell Your Car Fast

If all goes well, by the time you read this, I’ll have sold my car.

While you sit and read from the comfort of your temperature-controlled cubicle, I will be leaving the bank on foot and walking up the steep dirt road that leads home, panting through mouthfuls of dust, wondering why I got rid of a perfectly good Suzuki.

But then I’ll look at my bank deposit receipt and remember.

I’ve been casually thinking about selling this car, a 2007 SX4, for quite a while but only recently got serious about it.

The car is reliable, fun and gets great gas mileage, but right now, there’s just not room in my life for two cars. Unfortunately, the Suzuki has become “the other car” in my family, and I’ve decided to just cash out and let it serve someone else.

The problem has been, until now, no one has wanted to buy it.

After doing my pricing research on KBB, NADA and CarGurus, I posted the car for sale on DealFinder at a fair price about six months ago. I got some bites, but nothing serious. I dropped the price $500, but still no real action.

When I posted the car again recently, I was serious about selling it, so this time I priced it $1,000 under the national average.

Within a week I’d met a woman for a test drive and then heard from a man who offered me $500 less than my listing price.


Yeah, I sacrificed a grand or a little more, but in this market people are looking for value. If you have a car to sell, the sure way to unload it in a hurry is to find the Instant Market Value on DealFinder, then price your car below that and be willing to negotiate from there.

If you’re buying a car, find one you like, then wait for the price to drop. Odds are, a price reduction is right around the corner!

And if you buy from a guy about to walk home, consider offering him a ride…

Do you have any car buying – or selling – tricks?


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Used Suzuki SX4


  1. People are looking for value, perhaps now more than in recent memory. Yeah, pricing the car competitively is obvious but I’m surprised at how few people actually do it. They all think their car is special and a higher price is justified because it has new tires or a recent oil change. The biggest thing I see are people pricing their private-party cars at dealer-retail levels. Never going to sell that way.

  2. Bought a car last week I saw it advertised on a wesite and it sounded ideal but too exxy suddenly the car was advertised for $1100 less drove it checked its service history bought it 1 owner car 5door hatch bwith turbo diesel power an ecconomy very fun to drive fast and very cheap on fuel and in good clean order. The guy had it over priced at retail money.

  3. So wait!

    No “Polish your car twice with Ultrashine 3000”, or “Flush and renew all fluids once a week for a month”, or “Drive through a carwash with the windows open” advice here??

    The big breaking news story is to take a 2 grand hit to the hip pocket to make sure your car sells fast? I feel sort of stupid now. Thanks Captain Obvious.

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