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Test drive: Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster

Hold on to your toupees, because there’s a new 197-mph roadster on the way that wants to rip ’em clean off.

The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster, based on the coupe, is due out on American roads by the end of this year. The extra development time has been spent firming up the body’s rigidity, fine-tuning the topless driving dynamics and figuring out a way to hinge the SLS’s gullwing doors to a convertible.

Kidding, of course. The roadster version of the supercar will feature plain ol’ regular doors since gullwings just aren’t feasible on a roadster. (Captain Obvious, at it again!)

What is perfectly feasible are the SLS AMG’s sinister good looks paired with the coupe’s 563-hp V8, good for a top speed of 197 mph. Automotive insanity perfected!

The Honda CR-Z, on the other hand, could be classified simply as insane. As in, whose crazy idea was this thing, anyway? If you want the full low-down on why I don’t like it, feel free to read up, but I’d rather focus on the CR-Z that should have been built in the first place: The CR-Z Mugen.

Honda tuner Mugen has massaged the CR-Z into the little performance machine it was meant to be. A carbon fiber hood and lightweight alloys have shaved off about 110 pounds, while a supercharger works with the hybrid system to boost power output to almost 200 horses.

Honda estimates a 0-60 time of around 6.6 seconds.

While the car pictured here is a one-off produced by Mugen, it’s possible Honda could put it into production. If that happens, don’t get too attached to the CF hood, but get used to the idea of a fun and efficient pocket rocket.

Which is more up your alley: the raw power of the V8 SLS AMG Roadster or the hybrid sportiness of the CR-Z Mugen?


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  1. Gosh, a hybrid with a supercharger. Why not make it utterly unreliable and overcomplicated by adding a helicopter and stern drive mechanism? It’s a cute little tuner, though. I can’t say that much for the AMG, which reminds me of Arnold Schwartznegger’s nude scene in the Terminator. Overdeveloped to the point of grotesqueness. I wonder why German’s can’t make graceful looking supercars like the Italians?

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