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Ferrari Superamerica 45

As if Friday wasn’t already the best day of the week, we want to make it even better. And around here, the only way to do that is to take a few moments to revel in the sweet goodness of fast cars.

Follow the jump and enter a world of racing a Lexus LFA, ride along as a hypercar takes a few hot laps, see an exotic beauty go topless and sneak a peek into the world of 2020 driving.

It’s good stuff! Happy viewing and happy Friday!

Other than sharing a badge, the Lexus LFA and IS F have no reason to share track time. The IS F is a perfectly capable, fun and fast car, but putting it next to an LFA makes it look like a Hyundai Accent. Regardless, Lexus decided to put both through their paces at the same time, which makes for some terrific video, especially if you happen to get wobbly knees from the sound of a wailing LFA.

The Pagani Huayra may look straight out of a fairy tale, but the footage of it exercising its 6.0-liter V12 twin-turbo engine is as real as it gets. And that sound… man, there’s nothing like it!

Ferrari has built only one Superamerica 45. As much as we all dream of one day being able to commission Ferrari to build us a single car, the closest we might get is watching videos of the Superamerica’s slick roof flipping itself backwards.

When we think of 2020 vision, we usually assume the topic of conversation is clear eyesight. One company, though, has taken the time to imagine how our windshields will look in the year 2020. Evidently, cars won’t have a need for traditional navigation or even center stacks anymore. It’ll all be displayed right in front of our eyes, along with some intriguing extras.

Since the Superamerica is already spoken for, which would you park in your garage: a Lexus LFA, Pagani Huayra or Lexus IS F?


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  1. Can’t say I like the Pagani. If the Japanese movie Mysterians had a car, it would look like the Pagani, and the turbos kill the V12 sounds.
    The Lexus sounds awsome, nice to see a souless brand like Lexus putting together such a hot car.
    And future of auto glass? HUD’s are old school technology, and this is really nothing but putting information overload closer to the visual axis where it will be even more distracting. Soon the government will have to legislate these gadgets out of existence because manufacturers don’t seem to have an ounce of common sense. Navigation, instruments, entertainment AND traffic enforcement avoidance all fighting for your visual attention is NOT a safety feature, it’s a major hazard.

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