Sorry, Ram Runner, No Kit Will Outperform a Raptor

Mopar Ram Runner kit

If you’re a Ram owner and you’re sick of being shown up in the desert (or mall parking lot) by the far-superior Ford Raptor, the folks at Mopar think they have a solution for you.

They don’t… but they think they do.

Designed for installation on 2009-2011 Ram trucks, the Ram Runner kit consists of seven component sets that can be purchased all at once or in stages and installed on your own or at your friendly neighborhood Ram dealer. The kit consists of a Pre-Runner Stage II Lift Kit, off-road front bumper, off-road front and rear fenders, off-road rear-tire carrier, sport performance hood and cat-back exhaust. All told, the entire kit will set buyers back close to 20 grand (or significantly more if you choose dealer installation).

That’s a steep price to pay, especially after realizing the kit doesn’t do anything to increase engine power. Considering an entire Ford F-150 Raptor SVT can be had factory-built, ready for punishment and with a 6.2-liter, 411-hp V8 for around $42K, the Ram Runner kit doesn’t seem to add up.

The Pre-Runner Stage II Lift Kit alone is priced at $13,270 and includes a five-link coil-spring rear suspension, chrome lower control arms, upper control arms with rebuildable high-angle ball joints and forged steel, high-angle tie rods. All that and the 3-inch internal bypass shocks from Fox add up to 14 inches of suspension travel.

Plenty of folks in the backwoods may think this is a good idea, but I don’t see the point. First of all, it’s ugly. Second, it’ll end up costing a lot more than a Raptor and third, it will never have the factory reliability or performance to outdo the Raptor.

2010 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor

Park these two rigs side by side and tell me that one doesn’t look like a brawny masculine outdoorsman while the other looks like a scrappy little wannabe.

The Ram Runner might have been something if Ram built it as a new model, but relegating it to kit status makes it more of an afterthought. I say put your 20 large toward a Raptor and spend your days taunting Ram Runners… assuming you can find any.

Raptor or Ram Runner?


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  1. The new dodge off road package does improve the looks of the truck in my opinion but it’s extremely over priced. I mean the truck, kit, and labor will probably run you 60-70k. Then I don’t see any mention of power improvements and how about a dealer warranty? I ordered my 6.2l Raptor brand new from the factory fully loaded for only 45,500.00 and it comes with a warranty. If anything happens, I just take it back to the dealer. It’s a matter of preference I suppose but the obvious choice is the Ford SVT Raptor. It’s the total package without the installl hassles and hidden labor fees etc.

  2. Completely goofy when you consider that very few of these trucks ever see anything more challenging than a mud puddle in the parking lot.

  3. I take Mopar anytime over F ound O n the R oad D ead or F ix O r R epair D aily I would rather tow a Chevy than own a Ford.

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