Audi A7 Arrives, But No 2012 A6 Avant for U.S.

2012 Audi A7

It’s the Avant that we want, guys, not a pricey hatchback. Well, the geniuses at Audi have given us what they think we want, and that is the A7, which many reviewers, but not all, find beautifully styled.

We’ll show you more pix after the break, and you can decide.

Actually, the car is what a big hatchback should be, with lots of room, a gorgeous interior, impressive handling and fuel economy. It gets its 4,200 pounds up to 60 mph in 5.3 seconds. And of course has all the techno-goodies one could want.

But it’s another car for the rich folk (around $80,000 with all the options) with kids, dogs, skis and all their other debris, who don’t want an SUV and can’t find a luxury wagon with this kind of performance (or looks).

2012 Audi A7, rearI am happily not one of that clan, and I think the new 2012 A6 Avant (on whose platform the A7 is built; see below right) looks better, works better, holds as much and offers more engine options. But, naturally, the new car is available only in Europe. Audi decided not to sell the car here, though it is a considerably improved version of last year’s car, which was sold here.

2012 Audi A7 Sportback cockpit2012 Audi A6 AvantMore than most European carmakers, Audi gives us what it thinks we want, and in this case it may be right. Audi will sell a good number of A7s, because the only competition is really the BMW 5 Series hatch, and an uglier car I’ve never seen.

What bugs me is why Audi can’t offer more sensible, less pricey versions of the same thing, i.e., the A6 Avant. Audi still thinks, apparently, that its wagons won’t sell here. Holy mackerel, if cars like the Scion xB and the Ford Flex can sell here, why not an Audi Avant, with some style and class?

Anyhow, if you’ve got $80K or so to drop on your next family car, the A7 looks like a nice option. Or you could check out DealFinder for a good used A6 Avant and save some big bread.

Can you find a wagon in the current car market that fits your needs? Tell us about it.


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  1. You think a station wagon looks better than this stylsh fastback beauty? Is this a car blog or a soccer mom happy hour?

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