Muscle Car Perfection: Which Era Got It Right?

2011 Dodge Challenger SRT8

Are today’s versions of the Mustang, Camaro and Challenger just poor impressions of the originals?

That’s the question posed by Motor Trend in a video that features old and new versions of each, along with plenty of burnouts and rumbling V8s.

There’s just no way to deny that the 2011 Camaro SS, Challenger SRT8 and Shelby Mustang GT500 can accelerate faster, turn better and stop quicker than the old-timers. But is that what it takes to make a muscle car great?

Follow the jump to watch the all-American muscle car video, which is inexplicably narrated with what sounds to me like an Aussie accent. Larry the Cable Guy might have been a better fit, but I’m not one to complain.

If it were me, I’d take the class, comfort and performance of that modern GT500 over the smell of “unburned hydrocarbons” that makes the old cars so appealing. But that 1970 Challenger would be hard to ignore if it had a “for sale” sign in the window!

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  1. LOVE IT, (F)irst (O)n (R)ace (D)ay THEN AND NOW RIGHT ON, SO TRUE!

  2. @Randy
    Not entirely Randy Ford used a very modified US platform Chrysler used the US Valiant but used its own Aussie Hemi6 Holden used the Camaro platform thru the 70s till the end of the Kingswood model but also put a triple carb 3litre 6 on an Opel Kadette then a later Opel got V8s too Holden went fully Opel in the 80s till their own body in 2006 Ford still make the Falcon with shock towers so youd recognize it Chrysler ran away and stuck Mitsubishi in its place only to return with the Cherokee then Neon and PT cruiser oh and some Vipers made it to OZ Vipers were raced in production racing but with little success they do not stop and steer well for long Pollution controls dropped HP during the 70s and early 80s both GM and Ford had to replace power units GM went with the Buick 3800 Ford redesigned the old 6 again with mixed results Ford US threatened to shut OZ due to warranty costs on it EA model it was so bad it made a bad VN 89 Holden look good but yes Ford reintrduced the V8 in 92 Holden just kept making them albeit Chevy now the local V8 didnt do unleaded gasThe rivalry goes back to sedan racing at Bathurst now a V8 supercar race originally it was for showroom cars back in the day you could buy a Falcon that did 141mph limited it was the fastest Ford in production and the fastest 4door bar nothing 1971 a great model the XY.Now Holdens are modified by HSV owned by Tom Walkinshaw and you can buy a Holden that will blow the doors off BMWs best not that BMs are all that qyick not out here they arent. Holdens of all types are exported as Chevrolets have been since 67 to South Africa but not to NA for some reason Chevy isnt allowed a Impala worth the name any more shame really only Cadilac is permitted the Aussie platforms oh and the Camaro but no mainstream cars

  3. During the heydey of muscle cars most Aussie platforms were derivatives of NA chassis. But I’ve got to admit that they never lost their taste for muscle cars down under and continued to develop the breed, and I’d say they’re better at it now than we are. I’m not sure how much (if any) pollution control and mileage laws have affected vehicle development in Australia, but they sure have a serious rivalry between Ford and GM.

  4. I live in american and i love this video! I’dtake that ’69 GT500 in a heartbeat and make sure I put away a budget for a lot of new tires!

  5. REAL muscle cars are NOT built in the US you lot tried in the 60s but from 70 onwards forget it NA built sh*t Have a look at what came out of GM Chrysler and Ford in OZ much better muscle cars right thru till the present day Ford is even going to import supercharger technology its using in OZ for the Mustang to make it go GM gets all its performance platforms from Holden because NA hasnt a clue on fast cars mThe old Valiant E49 was a real performance Mopar not that current barge even the new Camaro came from Holden stick to making girly trucks NA cant build fast cars.

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