The Best Cars for Date Night

BMW 3 Series

BMW: Perfect date car?

I don’t know anyone who has gone out and bought a car just to impress a date.

If such a guy did exist, there are certain vehicles he’d want to consider, and others that have no business shuttling a proper lady between the restaurant, movie theater and mini-golf course.

Of course, if the date involves a woman who doesn’t fit the description of “proper,” the choice of chariot probably doesn’t matter much. But let’s assume that you are the type of guy who wants to impress your date with a car that gives you the best shot at umm… a second date.

What should you buy? Read on.

First of all, you won’t see anything from BMW or Porsche on this list. They make fine cars, but women tend to find their drivers a bit… arrogant and off-putting. That’s not the first impression we’re going for here.

Best SUVs

Land Rover LR2

2008 Land Rover LR2

A used Land Rover says you appreciate some class, but have a bit of ruggedness to you as well. She’ll also appreciate that you’re smart about saving a lot of coin by not buying new. You’ll now have money available to spend on her.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee

The same theory as the Land Rover applies, though you’ll ooze significantly less class. Still, you’ll be a good old-fashioned American man ready to show her a good time in plenty of comfort.

Best Sedans

Honda Accord

2006 Honda Accord

Bear with me on this one. You can’t go with a new Accord, or she’ll think you’re driving your mom’s car. Not good. You can’t go too old, or she’ll think you’re a broke loser. But somewhere in the middle lies the sweet spot that says you value practicality and stability, two things some women find irresistible.

Chrysler 300

2011 Chrysler 300

If you’d rather showcase some “bad boy attitude” and hope that’s her thing, the 300 should do the trick.

Best Sports Cars

Aston Martin anything

Aston Martin DB4

New or old, it doesn’t matter. She’ll feel like a princess and probably marry you before the night ends.

1965 Ford Mustang

1965 Ford Mustang

Okay, the term “sports car” might be a stretch here, but a woman will love this car’s classic lines, and she’ll probably picture you in the garage working on it. Good thing you’re good with your hands, huh?

Best Pickups

Ford pickup

Umm… yeah. Unless you live in Arkansas, don’t take a date out in a pickup.

Ladies and gentlemen: What’s your perfect date car?


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  1. My ’55 chevy convertible was a good start but it was a little weak on Woodward Ave. with the straight six/3 speed stick on the column. I stepped up and got a lot more interest in my 1962 T-Bird convertible (fire engine red of course.) My biggest mistake was selling the bird and buying my cousin’s 1964 hemi Belvedere. Sure, it impressed the guys, but the sub 12-second drive train only made the girls scream. (and not in the good way) But by far my best “nookie” car was my dad’s ’64 Rambler station wagon. It looked so innocent and cute (and nerdy) to disarm mom’s and pop’s suspicions, not realizing the seats folded down to turn the whole interior into one big bed. Add to that the curtains my dad made to use the car when camping…..

  2. I love the list!

    I find you must try to pick your vehicle to suit your date. For example, if a girl Im taking out seems like a little bit of a thrill seeker, Ill pick the crotch rocket (weather determining), but if she seems a little more refined and reserved, the BMW 7-Series has never disappointed.


  3. @
    Jac is right… turn that Mustang into a convertible Mustang and you’ve got the perfect car for a summer evening date!
    And, sorry Jon, I don’t think I’d be excited about a lifted loud old pickup…

  4. Hey! There’s nothing wrong with taking a girl out in a pickup truck! If she doesn’t like my truck, she isn’t my kind of girl. Of course, there are some things to be careful about. Classic pickups are much better than newer pickups, customized is always better (read as lift kit, custom wheels, nice exhaust, mud tires, nice stereo), and 4×4 is almost a must. You can’t take an Aston Martin or Land Rover the places you can get a good 4×4 pickup, trust me. I’ve had to rescue a few Land Rovers. If it’s a really well done custom job it will be just as comfortable and in my opinion much more classy than anything on this list except a Mustang.

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